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Denamarin Out of Stock? Finally, a Solution for Pet Owners Desperate for the Popular Liver Supplement

For many years, dog and cat owners have been using a popular and effective supplement to support healthy liver function in their four-legged family. But, supply shortages and out-of-stock warnings have left pet parents scrambling to find a suitable alternative.

Denamarin, manufactured by Nutramax Laboratories, has been prescribed and recommended by veterinarians to support healthy liver function in dogs and cats with great success. The Denamarin liver supplement combined SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine) and ​​Silybin into an extremely popular, all-natural once-a-day treatment for pets with liver disease.

SAMe is an amino acid found in foods like meat and sunflower seeds. It’s known to detoxify the liver and support liver health. 

Silybin is a nutrient derived from milk thistle, a spikey purple flower, that’s known to support liver health, promote cellular regeneration and encourage bile flow from the gallbladder.

However, supply shortages over the last few months have left pet owners desperately searching to find Denamarin in stock—to no avail. As a result, many pets living with liver disease are either left without much-needed support and not feeling their best. Or, their owners are giving over-the-counter alternatives and guessing which dosages to give.

Good news! The online pet pharmacy Vetito has an equivalent in stock and ready to ship, in whatever form and dosages you’re already used to giving your pet (pill or chewable). Like Denamarin, the generic equivalent is available without a prescription. is a family-owned online pet shop and veterinary pharmacy that opened its doors in January of 2021 and supplies prescription and over-the-counter meds to all 50 US states.

After receiving dozens of calls and messages from desperate pet parents every day, Vetito, determined to find a solution, worked with its manufacturing pharmacy, Vet Perfect, Inc. to develop a generic alternative to Denamarin that’s just as safe and effective as the name-brand supplement that’s out of stock everywhere. In September, began shipping the supplements to grateful pet owners across the country.’s generic Denamarin equivalent is in-stock, ready to ship, and sold at a fraction of the cost of the name brand version that pet owners are increasingly unable to find. 

You can find the generic equivalent of Denamarin in tablet form here and chewable form here

PLUS! Vetito is offering Dogington Post readers a $15 instant rebate on any purchase of 2 or more boxes of any generic form of Denamarin by using Promo Code DGP1021 at checkout.

Although Denamarin was once available as a single pill or chewable tablet,’s generic Denamarin supplements currently require administering each of the two active ingredients separately. The difference between Denamarin and’s available and in-stock generic equivalent is the administration of two tablets instead of one. 

In order to more quickly provide support for pets with liver disease, Vetito made the two-tablet option available immediately while they continue to develop a single tablet option that will soon be available.

Don’t just take our word for it—check out some of this feedback from other desperate pet owners:

“I stumbled across Vetito because everyone else was out of Denamarin, a liver supplement for my senior dog. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant because of online scams to go with them because I had never heard of them, but decided to give it a try. Without fail, the meds showed up and with a sticker in it for future purchases! Well, the next purchase, I decided to order again & they were back ordered, but they were kind enough to tell me about an alternative & refund me the difference because the alternative is less expensive. This is an honest establishment & I am very blessed to have found them!!” -M. Thornton

“Just wanted to share how grateful we are for Vetito. We have an elderly dog who needs liver support medication. Normally we give her Denamarin, but due to a shortage it’s difficult to find or it’s very expensive. The first time we went through Vetito, they had Denamarin in stock at a cheaper price than everyone else. The second time they were out of stock, but instead their vet and pharmacist put together a supplement with the same active ingredients. The new supplement came in the form of 2 pills instead of one, but at a cheaper price than Denamarin. Everything was packaged nicely in pharmacy style pill containers. I will definitely be returning for any future needs. Thank you again.” -A.Schachterle

Visit to purchase their in-stock generic equivalent to Denamarin in tablet form here, and chewable form here

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