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Introducing Starbarks – The Café For Dogs


The Dogington Post and Starbucks are proud to announce a pilot program to create cafes for dogs in test cities across the United States.

The Starbarks Cafes are modeled after a series of successful cafes for dogs in the United Kingdom. In these cafes, dogs – and their humans – will be able to have their favorite beverages.

President of Starbarks, Howard Schwartz is a long time dog lover. He noted that over the years, many dog parents have been bringing their dogs to Starbucks with them. He felt that offering special drinks aimed at dogs would be a hit.

“I’m most proud that all of the offerings are all natural and nutritious. These are drinks for dogs to enjoy but our staff researchers made sure they are balanced and contain the proper dose of vitamins and electrolytes dogs need.”

Harlan Kilstein, Publisher of the Dogington Post, said he was honored to partner with Starbarks in this new venture. “The thing that I was most proud of was that Howard and I agreed that 10% of the profits are heading to support rescue dogs.”

StarbarkslogoEvery Starbarks store will feature a wall dedicated to local adoption. Anyone who rescues a dog featured in a Starbarks store will receive a card entitling the bearer to free refreshments – for the dog and human – for an entire year.

Not only are drinks on the menu but the chefs at Starbarks have come up with recipes for grain free treats that contain MCT oil. This oil helps dogs (and humans) retain alertness and is widely called “brain oil.”

While menu items have not been completely revealed one item was discussed. “Grandma’s Chicken Soup contains all natural and organic chicken broth with vitamins and minerals that dogs need.” Schwartz went on to say. “We kept it mostly broth because we are mindful of the growing dog obesity issue.  This is 100% human grade broth.”

Kilstein revealed that there will be five initial locations for Starbarks with scheduled opening dates of May 1, 2016. The locations will be Manhattan on the Upper East Side, Hollywood, San Francisco in the Embarkadero area, Bellevue, Washington just outside of Seattle and Boca Raton, Florida.

Right now, we are finalizing installation of the special dog bowl washers. Each Starbarks will be stocked with 100 bowls and it took a lot of innovation to find bowls that were sturdy enough for big dogs but could fit into these special washers.

“We discarded the idea of disposable bowls as being impractical for dogs” Schwartz noted. “We were also concerned about environmental impact.”

A full Starbucks menu will be available for humans at each Starbarks location.

dogcoffeeKilstein smiled when asked if the human items would have different names than at regular Starbarks. “We did contemplate Bark-a-chinos for a while but we did come up with some interesting innovations of beloved Starbucks creations.”

“I have to say working with Howard Schwartz has been an incredible experience. Normally, we release news items like this on April 1. But then, everyone knows we’re pulling their leg – I mean paw. But we decided to get the jump on it this year releasing our April Fools gag a week early.”


The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!




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