The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Meet Glover, Looking for a Family for a Year!


It’s the holidays! The time of year for families to gather together to celebrate traditions, share old memories, and make new ones. This year, as you surround yourself with family and friends, both two-legged and four-legged alike, remember there are millions of dogs in shelters, patiently waiting for a family of their own.

For some, this won’t be their first, second, or even their third Christmas behind bars.

It’s our Christmas wish that every dog in rescue would find a home for the holidays, so we’ve selected 12 special dogs from around the country that have been overlooked time and time again. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some are passed over for reasons we simply can’t understand – but, they all deserve to spend the holidays with a family of their own.

We’re calling this the 12 Dogs of Christmas. The Dogington Post along with our friends at Wellness Natural Pet Food have joined forces to introduce you to 12 needy dogs in hopes that they’ll finally get noticed…and maybe get a home for the holidays!


Meet Glover!


UPDATE! Glover has been adopted!

YOU HAD ME AT AROOOOO!!! Hey there, I’m Glover the beagle, and I’m pretty sure I’m the guy you have always dreamed of. Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?  Yeah, me neither. But I do love long leash walks or hikes, and adventurous car rides. If you really want to speak my love language, you will shower me with belly rubs, play a good game of fetch, and even join in on an occasional squirrel chase.  I might even share my favorite stuffed chicken toy if you woo me enough.

I’m a take charge kind of guy so to be a perfect match for me, you will need to rise to the occasion and be the strong, confident alpha to my omega. I have a deep love bucket so lots of TLC and patience is in order as well. I’m a reasonable guy, and realize you have others in your life, so I’m chill with that as long as they aren’t those miniature humans (way too unpredictable for me). That would allow us to retire early for the evening, and I could blissfully sleep in my crate.  


Being pretty good at adulting, I am generally well mannered and prefer to take care of my business outside.  But I’m not much into being left alone outdoors, because I’m committed in my relationships.  I speak out when I see something that warrants attention, so it’s probably best you have your own space free of close neighbors  living above or below you. I’m pretty cool with other guys like me, but have run across one or two that I wasn’t crazy about.  I haven’t checked out other species like those that meow and knowing I can be assertive and a bit over zealous at times, that might not be such a great idea to add to the mix.

I’m currently crashing at a friend’s pad with Triangle Beagle Rescue, which is super cool, but I would sure like to have someone I could call my own.  How about you send them a note and let’s plan to hang out soon. I’ll be bellowing to see ya!


Weight: 45 pounds Age: 5 1/2 years How long in rescue:  Glover was rescued and adopted as a puppy, then returned to rescue a few years later. He’s been looking for a forever home for almost a year and will soon face the holidays without a family to call his own.

Glover’s Story:

Glover was adopted as a puppy by a nice couple.  The family were not calm, assertive pack leaders and struggled to correct Glover’s dominant tendencies. As the family began to grow, Glover’s behavior became problematic with growling towards the father and two year old.  Although he never bit anyone or acted physically aggressive, with additional twins on the way the family relocated Glover to the parent’s home in hopes of giving him some dedicated attention.  The parents focused on avoiding situations that would illicit an undesirable response from Glover.  They even went so far as to enlist the assistance of a pet psychologist.  Unfortunately, Glover did not progress and the family made the difficult decision to return him to the rescue at the age of five.

Glover is currently living with a foster family who are utilizing behavior correction techniques rather than situational avoidance.  Progress is slow but Glover has made improvement during his six months in foster care.  He is generally well mannered, house broken (not a single accident with the foster family), crate trained, and gets along well with the foster family’s two beagles. He is untested around cats but does fairly well with the foster family’s 16 year old daughter.

Glover Likes:glover-enjoying-some-scratches-300x169

Glover absolutely loves his stuffed chicken.  He also enjoys going on walks, hiking, playing fetch (tug of war is not permitted due to dominant behavior issue), chasing squirrels, and belly rubs.  He rides well in the car and walks well on leash.


Being kept up past 9pm, kids, 1 Scottish Terrier (foster’s in-laws have a Scottie that Glover has disliked since the very first time they met.  He has had no issues with any other dogs.), being left outdoors with no human in sight.

Special Considerations: 

glover-1-small-300x240Glover does not require a fenced yard but will require regular walks or plenty of exercise to help manage any negative energy. On a positive note, he does very well on leash.  He has lived with several different beagles and been around numerous unfamiliar dogs with no issues.  For an unknown reason, he dislikes one particular Scottish Terrier (owned by the foster family’s in-laws).  He does not do well around young children and occasional strangers (usually if already stressed). He does periodically growl at the foster family’s daughter but she is confident, calm, and assertive when the negative behavior is encountered such that Glover does not associate the growling with getting what he wants.

Glover’s perfect family or home:

The perfect family for Glover is one that is patient, confident, and firm.  Glover’s behavior can be intimidating to small children or adults who lack confidence in dealing with dominant behavior that can be interpreted as aggressive.  He loves to play and would do well with older kids or adults who will spend time bonding with him without allowing Glover to be the pack alpha.  An active family with a single family home would be the most suitable as he does occasionally bark at outside noises (could be problematic in an apartment or other multi-family dwellings.) Glover is perfectly content to lounge around the house after a long walk around the neighborhood.

Does Glover sound like a perfect fit? Here’s how to begin the adoption process

Fill out the adoption application completely and honestly at Once you’ve submitted an application you will be contacted within 7-10 days for a phone interview. Once the phone interview in completed, a volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit (again within 7-10 days).


Will Glover finally find his forever with you?

The great folks at Wellness Natural Pet Food have a mission to help you provide your pet a healthy, happy, long life through the power of natural nutrition. With that goal in mind, they’re making a generous donation of premium pet food to each rescue that’s cared for these amazing dogs for so long. And, if you adopt one of our “12 Dogs of Christmas,” they’ll send you 3 months worth of food for your newest furry family member, too!

About Wellness:

quincyAt Wellness®, we do whatever it takes to create the healthiest foods for the pets that depend on us. Food feeds their souls, sustains their lives and protects their bodies. That’s why our diverse team of animal lovers, nutritionists and vets has only one mission: To help you provide your pet a healthy, happy, long life through the power of natural nutrition. For each of our recipes we never compromise—selecting nature’s finest ingredients and combining them in exact proportions to help support your pet’s health and wellbeing. Because we’re passionately picky from the first step to the last, we guarantee our products will deliver the Wellness Promise.

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