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Why is My Dog Ignoring Me?

A common problem many of us face with our dogs is their tendency to ignore the commands we give them. Although this can be bothersome at times, showing anger will only reinforce their unpleasant behavior. Always keep in mind that dogs sometimes create relationships according to fear or to the feelings of being threatened, instead of acknowledgment and true respect.

Reasons Why Dogs Disobey

1. He just doesn’t understand you. Dogs normally respond more strongly to the tone of their master’s voice as compared to his actual words. Contradictions between your tone and your command may cause to get confused with what exactly you want him to do.

If you tell Fido to sit down as you giggle and playfully push him, he would most likely associate the “sit” command to a fun, active game. As much as possible, do not ask your pooch, but tell him to do something. You don’t need to yell or demand- just be clear enough that what you saying is an order. Keep your orders short and not too alike. In addition, try using hand signals in giving your verbal commands since dogs tend to better react to gestures.

2. Your pooch is ignoring you. There are times when dogs disobey not because they don’t get you, but because they just choose not to listen. It is important that at this point, you are able to recognize that your pooch actually understands the exchange but just does not intend to obey.

You can tell if Fido’s only being a little headstrong by looking into his body language. If your pooch shows fear by avoiding eye contact, assuming a submissive posture with his ears back and tail tucked, then it most likely means they he simply does not understand. However, if your dog barks at you, makes direct eye contact, and runs away as you move towards him, then it is possible that he simply chose to refuse to comply. This instance suggests that you need to work on establishing yourself as the leader.

Quick Tips

1.       Always try to sound happy and excited when you use the “come” command.
2.       If you can, try to squat or kneel down as you call him.
3.       Praise Fido each time he performs what you wanted him to do.
4.       Praise him when your dog comes to you even without you calling for him.
5.       Never call your pooch only to give punishment or to do anything unpleasant such as clipping his nails.

Yelling at your pooch and chasing after him are the worst things that you can do if he ignores you. Your aversive reaction can break his spirit, and that’s certainly the last thing that you’d ever want to do to him.




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