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Why Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

Why Dogs Bark

(And How to Make Them Stop!)

Want to get your dog’s barking under control?

This Simple System Discovered By The Dogington Post Eliminates Barking Triggers… Teaches Your Dog To Relax… And Makes Your Dog Friendlier To Your Neighborhood — Starting Today

Now’s your chance to learn what’s “triggering” your dog’s problematic barking – and how to get your dog to behave calmer and quieter anywhere you go… either during dog-walks outside… or traveling to new places and being around new people… or even when you must leave your dog alone at home while you’re away…

THIS proven method will get your dog to relax and minimize its barking to tolerable levels… up until the barking is completely eliminated from being a problem.

Hard to believe? Not after you’ve read Why Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop)


If you’ve ever wanted to see your dog perfectly behaved around your friends, family and even strangers… so well-mannered that you never have to ask him to be quiet… then this book will change your life.

And I’ll tell you exactly how to get your copy in a moment. But first, here’s what this book is all about.

For the first time ever, The Dogington Post has published a digital book revealing how to get your dog’s barking under control once and for all – simply by following a simple technique that begins by identifying 6 different types of barking:


Excitement Barking, Warning Barking, Fear Barking, Guard Barking, Frustration Barking, Learned Barking.

Each of these barks are caused by specific situations that you can prevent, easily, using the simple techniques revealed in the book.

Now, It doesn’t matter what dog breed you have, nor its age, size, or level of training. You CAN reduce barking to tolerable levels, until finally it’s no longer a problem.

How “Max The Pup” Went From Loudest Dog On The Street….
… To The Calm, Friendly, & Smart Dog Everyone Loves!

I owned a rescue dog named Max, and boy was Max loud.

He barked all day while I was at work, and the noise drove my neighbors crazy.

He barked at night while everyone was asleep, and I’d have to climb out of bed to quiet him down.

Even friends and family were affected. They couldn’t come over for a simple dinner and movie without Max getting too loud and disruptive.

The last straw came one day when my wife took Max for a walk. It was nearly impossible to get anywhere. Max would drag you in opposite directions… and roar at any person, any animal, and any moving object that passed them by.

Isn’t that embarrassing? I couldn’t enjoy the basic privilege of hanging out with my dog without any drama!

And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either — I’d taken Max to a few obedience classes, only to find that these classes hardly improved a thing. There were too many people signed up for any one person to get the proper attention and help.

One guy in the class suggested using a shock collar to tame the barking.

Yeah, right. Not happening. (I would put the shock collar around HIS neck but never around my baby’s)

I don’t believe in inflicting pain on dogs. These furry creatures ARE man’s best friend for goodness sake.

Fortunately, I Believe ALL Dogs
Can Succeed If Given The Chance!

That’s when I started following the simple techniques found in The Dogington Post’s book…and our lives changed forever.

● I know how to keep my dog quiet (My dog was no longer the loud one on the block. My shocked neighbors asked me, “What happened? Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”)

● Walking my dog became easy and fun and again! (I can take him anywhere, and he won’t bark at people, cars, animals, and moving objects like he used to! He walks a straight path and and ignores distractions)

● Plus – incredibly…

Friends And Family Can’t Stop
Praising My Dog For His Wonderful Behavior!

You should’ve seen the relief on my wife’s face at our next family party… while the guests were partying and eating and drinking….our dog was perfectly content to lie on his bed, behaved like an angel, quietly looking on!

And guess what?

After the barking stopped, Max became really focused. He listens to every word I say!

Max Obeyed My Every Word

It was almost as if Max went to obedience school – but he didn’t!

Now people are coming up to us asking “How did you do it? What’s your secret?”

The truth is… there is NO secret!

Just a SIMPLE proven method that I explain in the digital book I’ve been talking about.

The book is an easy read. You can finish it in an afternoon, right from your smart phone or computer.

It tells you everything you need to know about your dog’s barking, shows you how to create scenarios to control the barking… and then finally how to stop it.

This digital book is called…

Why Dogs Bark
(And How To Stop It)


In it, here’s what you’ll get…

How dogs communicate what they want and how they feel!

What your dog is actually saying by barking louder and louder!

What’s REALLY happening when your dog does any of the following: lip-lick, show teeth, pant, yawn, clench its jaw, hold its head low, wag its tail rapidly, and 8 more misunderstood behavior cues!

How dogs show they are relaxed (it’s not what most people think)


How to INSTANTLY identify the specific bark that says “You’re in my territory please leave!” — and how to stop this barking no matter what.

The 3 Body Signals Your Dog Shows when he is completely relaxed and has NO intention of barking… and how to get your dog in this calm state more often!

How to recognize the “exaggerated bark” and what it means. (This is one of the easiest barks to eliminate)

Is someone complaining about your dog’s barking? Here’s what to do when your dog barks all day and you’re not home to do anything about it. (This simple and effective solution will keep the peace between you and neighbors bothered by barking)

Discover the 6 main types of barking… and how to deal with each one! (You’ll know every which way to prevent and stop problematic barking. You’ll keep the house quiet…. Keep guests comfortable…and not have to supervise your dog 24/7 during social gatherings)

The SINGLE greeting that instantly calms your dog’s over excitement toward visitors entering your home. Page 23

How to keep your dog calm for all car rides so that you can drive in peace!

When you should ALLOW barking because it could control other types of unwanted behaviors. Page 22

Dog Has Separation Anxiety? Before leaving your house, try this simple technique and you’ll put your dog in a calm and comfortable state until you come back. Page 28

What NEVER to do when your dog barks at guests entering your house. Page 34


How to identify the “warning bark” … and a 3-second technique to stop it for good. Page 34.

The two simple ways to eliminating your dog’s fear of being left alone Pg. 36

4 hidden items around your house that trigger “Guard Barking” — and a easy way to stop it immediately. Page 30

The 4 human-behavior mistakes most pet owners make that cause “frustration barking” … and how to avoid this.

The 2 Secret ways to stimulate your dog’s mental and physical senses that reduce barking. Page 32

The 2 “distraction” secrets that stop your dog from barking at the door. Page 34

Does Your Dog Bark at His Food Bowl? Use this “time-out” technique to put your dog at ease so that he’s cooperative whenever you feed him. Page 34

● And much more…

Now can a simple book really calm down a loud obnoxious dog? You bet it can!

Now, I realize that stopping your dog’s barking can be such a life-changing event…. That you might think it’s too good to be true. That you might think it’s not possible. Or you might even think it’s a scam.

But let me prove to you why this is NOT true.

The Dogington Post has spent a lot of money, time, and resources working with professional dog trainers, veterinarians, and dog experts who run animal shelters.

The undeniable evidence from our research is that you CAN learn why your dog barks, and how to stop it.

And make no mistake, this book was no flash in the pan project to bring you a product.

The Dogington Post works day and night since its conception in 2012…and with over 500K fans on social media..and millions of fellow dog lovers visiting the website monthly…it goes without saying The Dogington Post is a trusted source for dog help… and we want to show you we can serve you.

Originally we planned to offer this book to our friends and fans for $18.

But you won’t have to pay anything close to that. We’re happy to offer this digital book to you for for just $5.95 today. A copy will be emailed to you as soon as it’s purchased, it’s that easy!

The reason why we could give you the book for such a low price is because we have seen that problem behaviors are the most common reason dogs end up in shelters. We want to help dogs stay in homes with the families they love by helping pet parents easily solve the most common problem.

This is our way of inviting you to our growing community of dog owners whom we proudly serve. So we encourage you to read the book Why Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop) and see the wonderful changes waiting for you and your fur friend.

What’s more, the digital book comes with a 90-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results or it doesn’t solve your dog’s barking, we’ll refund the purchase price, no questions asked.

Give Your Dog A Chance!


Why wait any longer? How long will you let it continue?

Your dog deserves praise… not to be thought of as a troublesome dog who won’t be quiet…

Right now your dog may be barking up a storm and annoying you…. Annoying your neighbors… Annoying your visitors….

People may not say it…

But a barking dog hurts your ears to the point where you want to LEAVE! Nobody likes hanging out with a barking dog.

Nobody likes approaching a dog with the hopes of petting and playing with it….

Only for the dog to growl and bark at you… scare you… even jump on you.

The longer you let your dog’s barking to be a problem — the more people will think your dog is a trouble dog. And most of all…. Your dog will get use to the habit of barking.

There’s no reason to let other people think your dog is a trouble dog… or that you can’t control him.

This is your chance to get your dog’s barking under control. And for PENNIES on the dollar.

Click on the link below to get your copy of Why Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop).


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