Going to the Dentist is Finally Fun, Thanks to One Furry Assistant

tskCnWilliamsville, New York pediatric dentist, Dr. Paul Wiess wanted to share the calming love of his golden retriever, Brooke, with his patients. So, he enrolled her in boot camp and had her certified as a therapy dog.

With her new certification, Brooke became the newest member of Dr. Weiss’ dental practice! The 5 year old Golden visits his office every Thursday to play with the children and occasionally calm them down during their procedures.

Dan Miner, of Buffalo Business First interviewed Dr. Weiss:

“If a child is afraid of getting her teeth cleaned, Brooke can sit next to them in the chair and the kid can have their hand on the dog,” Weiss said.

He got into pediatric dentistry because he enjoys the relaxed vibe of working with children, and he said he likes the psychological transition of a job well done.

“The gratification of taking a nervous child and turning them into someone who’s comfortable at a dentist’s office is really something great,” he said.

Not to worry, Brooke’s presence doesn’t pose a health threat to patients! She is bathed before each visit and the office is cleaned thoroughly after she leaves. Patients and parents are told ahead of time that Brooke will be there, in case they object.

Dr. Weiss says the dog has been a hit, and patients look forward to coming in on Thursdays when Brooke will be there!

The photo and story gained viral popularity when they were posted on reddit last year.

Would you like to share your dentist chair with this sweet golden retriever?


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