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Dianne writes on a broad range of subjects for newspapers, magazines and journals, and continues to ensure her business clients are advantaged by her skills. Her ambition for her writing passion is the subject of dogs. Dianne was profiled in Progressive choices Ontario Women in Business “as having a blend of talent, skill and passion”. Featured in Dog-Sport magazine with her dog Tara and in Dogs of Canada. Dianne has forty years’ worth of loving, living, working and learning about dogs. Dianne resides in Ottawa with her husband, her three dogs and two parrots. Needless to say Dianne’s true passion is her love of dogs, which began at a young age. Dianne would train her dogs or neighbor’s dog’s silly tricks as a child. As quoted by Women in Business” her passion and skill with dogs is evident”. Dianne is a Behavior Therapist and a Master Trainer. Dianne enjoys learning and teaching what she has applied and learned to help others succeed with their dogs. Dianne continues to progress in her passion for writing and her enthusiasm for educating owners about dogs. My mission is to educate owners to see things from a dog’s perspective rather than a human’s perspective. This reduces and clears up misunderstandings between the species. This greatly reduces the amount of dogs being Surrendered, Abandoned or Euthanized, and creates a natural and appropriate human animal bond. Dogs have been my greatest teachers; they ignited a spark that will never die. If you have a wonderful relationship with your dog, that foundation will be expressed between you and your dog in all your days together. www.thepeepress.com www.pinterest.com/peepress www.facebook.com/thedailypeepost www.youtube.com/diannesarasin

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