Basic Training

Avoid Behavior Problems with Adequate Exercise & Mental Stimulation

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Just as important for your dog’s well-being, along with providing guidance for your dog, the next best thing you can do to ensure your dog doesn’t return to or develop behavior problems is to provide adequate physical and mental exercise.

Your dog needs this. It is very difficult for a dog to calm down and relax if this basic need is not met. It is your responsibility to EXERCISE YOUR DOG DAILY.

  1. Take your dog for walks off your property where there are novel smells, sights and sounds at least once a day, preferably twice, for 30 minutes minimum. This is important to the dog’s sense of well-being regardless of the size of dog or yard you have.
  2. Get a child’s wading pool and fill it with water and a couple of toys. Get a second pool and make your dog a sand pit for digging, then bury stuff he likes in it.
  3. Make meal time more interesting and fun, dogs have an instinct to work for food, get a Buster Cube, Kong, Roll- A- Treat Ball or other foraging toys. Or, let your dog find his food or treats inside a specially designed doggy puzzle game.
  4. Satisfy the dogs need to hunt and forage by letting him play “Find It” games, hide treats around the house, or the yard.
  5. Two toys retrieve game. Stand in the middle of your yard or park and toss a toy to your right- as your dog returns and gets in close show him the other toy and he’ll drop the one he’s holding for you to toss the second toy to the left. You will soon have the dog running back and forth always returning to you for another toss.
  6. Teaching tricks is physically and mentally tiring, teach the dog spins, figure eight between your legs, how to back up, play dead, sit up high and balance, roll over, jump through your arms, through hoops, over your arms, legs, and be creative.

Playing and interacting with your dog will cement your relationship…I guarantee it!

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