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Treeing Walker Coonhound

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The Treeing Walker Coonhound is a breed of medium-sized, powerful dog that originated in the United States of America. It belongs to the hound breed family which is notable for their exceptional hunting skills greatly emphasized by their incomparable scenting power, speed, and or stamina. Treeing Walker Coonhounds descended from the English Foxhound breed, and were traditionally bred to hunt animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and possums. The breed is known to capture its prey to the point of climbing trees to get at them. Their smooth, fine coat usually comes in tri or bi-color patterns. Although Walker dogs come in tan and white, it is important that they are never called “red” so they can be distinguished from the Redbone Coonhound.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Treeing Walker Coonhound normally stand a height of 20 to 27 in at the withers, and weigh approximately 50 to 70 lbs.



Treeing Walker Coonhounds, in general, are loving dogs that tend to be eager to please their masters. They can get along well with children and bond with other canines. The breed is mainly a working and hunting dog, though may also make an excellent companion pet. Working for Walker dogs is not work, rather a kind of sport as well as diversion. The breed thrives well on ample consistent attention. Lack of mental and physical stimulation can make these active coonhounds high-strung. Treeing Walkers are highly intelligent and skilled. They are confident and can be easily trained as they can quickly learn from example. Because of the breed’s exceptional speed, treeing skills, and ability to quickly locate, some believe that Walker dogs are the most outstanding breed when it comes to coonhound field trials. To keep these dogs get accustomed to people and various environments, early socialization is highly recommended.


Treeing Walker Coonhounds are not demanding when it comes to coat care requirements. Combing and brushing their glossy coat on an occasional basis would already suffice their grooming needs. Checking their ears regularly is recommended to keep them from acquiring ear infections. Bathe the breed only when needed. Walker dogs are a moderate shedder.

Health Concerns

Treeing Walker Coonhounds are a relatively hardy breed. In fact, they have an average lifespan of 12 to 13 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Treeing Walker Coonhounds are not suitable as apartment dogs. They are too anxious to simply lie around a condo or suburban home. The breed is recommended to dwell in areas with a hot climate and sunny weather. Because of these scenthounds’ excessive energy reserves, rigorous physical exercise is necessary to keep them calm and stable-minded. Taking them out for long brisk walks or jogs everyday is highly advisable to prevent the breed from becoming destructive.

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    We adopted a 3 Jr old treeing walker we are looking for someone to answer a few questions about training him. We are not looking for hunting advise we don’t want to hunt but advise on training him to stay in the yard, play ball, walking without pulling…. things like that. Any help wold be great.

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