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Essential Dog Supplies

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For the other items on our list of bare necessities, they will need to be designed and sized for the breed of dog or puppy purchased. For example: when buying a training crate for a puppy do not go over-board and purchase one large enough to hold a litter of pups. This will promote the pup to do his business in the crate because he will have plenty of room to move away from the mess. Size the crate to the size of the puppy while leaving enough room for six months growth. You may need a larger crate when the puppy has grown.

Or you can do as I have done successfully, and that is to go ahead and buy a crate for the full-sized adult dog, then block off most of the inside of it with other items, and remove them as the dog grows into it.

Once we move past the basic stuff a whole new world of dog goodies opens up. People love their dogs and treat them as member of the family. We spoil them just like we do our children and dog supply companies know this. These companies have come up with so many unique products for dogs the first time dog owner is in for a real shock.

Begin with these essential dog supplies and add on as your new best buddy grows into the loyal dog you want.

This list may not be complete for your needs. Get familiar with what’s available and buy any extras you may consider essential.

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  1. Avatar Of Kristy Houck Kristy Houck says:

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  2. Avatar Of Sharon Holmes

    sharon holmes


    Would “Salmon Oil” be an essential supply for dogs and cats? Or is it just a waste of money?

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