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Tips To Slow Shedding

An excellent way to reduce the amount off shedding is by adding a good fish oil based supplement to your dog’s daily dinner. This oil is great to keep the dog’s coat looking healthy and shiny, and also is good for any dog suffering from painful joints associated with arthritis and old age.

While it may not be practical to vacuum your home every day, try to do this at least a couple times a week to keep any fallen dog hair from accumulating. You can also try vacuuming the dog but go slowly at first as some dogs will react in a negative and aggressive manner to the noise and wand being drug across their body. Other dogs actually look forward to being vacuumed, so the only way to know how your dog will take this is to give it a try and see. We have one that loves it, and one that won’t tolerate it.

One last thing, and this is concerning if you permit your dog on the furniture. If you do so, only allow him or her on one specific sofa or recliner, and cover this with a removable covering for easy washing off of the shed hair.

You can minimize the problems associated with your dog shedding hair with these simple tips, and have a more enjoyable life with your precious pooch!

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