14-Year Old Service Dog Dumped at Kill Shelter

Bruno1When a 14-year old Rottweiler was abandoned at an Elizabethtown, North Carolina shelter, animal control employees immediately took notice. As it turned out, the severely neglected senior was a former service dog, who’d provided support for his disabled owner until the day she died.

At a kill shelter such as the one Bruno was surrendered to, a senior dog showing signs of neglect and starvation who is partially blind, would typically be euthanized. But shelter workers just couldn’t give up on Bruno. They contacted A Shelter Friend who is desperately trying to save the special dog.

The organization reached out to Facebook fans for help:

This gentle sweet OLD man was a former service dog, who served his disabled human until the day she died, and was left neglected starved, partially blind and now turned in to a shelter to be killed. Even after the neglect, he loves everyone and is a friendly gentle old man who does not deserve to be killed because they now longer had a need for him.

This gentle soul used to help with handicapped family member and now he is disposed of like garbage. This is so WRONG ! 

Unable to say no, A Shelter Friend took Bruno to the Elizabethtown Vet Hospital for care. They’ve found a rescue group that will provide foster care and, when he’s back in good health, a forever home to live out the rest of his days.

Now, A Shelter Friend is asking for help from the community:

We have secured a rescue for him and will be transporting him in a couple of weeks when stable. We need your help with donations for his care. Please send donations via our website donate buttonwww.ashelterfriend.org or by calling the Vet hospital directly 910-862-3000 Please help us help this so deserving old man.


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