Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

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There are many benefits of coconut oil for dogs being discovered for dogs, even though it was not recommended in the past. The coconut, also known as the “tree of life”, has been found to have many benefits not only for humans, but for our best friends as well.

There are many products and furniture made from coconut lumber and leaves. Many foods and desserts have at least a bit of coconut milk in them. But the most popular use of the coconut, in the field of health and medicine, is the coconut’s oil, which has been found to cure or alleviate many diseases.

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Many diseases and ailments, like yeast infections, smelly coats, hot spots, cuts that have been infected, and even cracked paws, can all be cured with just a jar of “virgin coconut oil.” When all forms of diet remedies have failed, then it is time to try out this miracle natural medicine for your dog. Virgin coconut oil means that it is unrefined, and it can be used for both dogs and humans. Lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid, can help prevent bacterial and viral infections. This is most commonly found in a mother’s milk and builds the immune system. Fortunately, dogs can benefit from the same kind of protection and health advantages it gives throughout their lives.

There are many other benefits of coconut oil for dogs, all good reasons why you should give your dog some virgin coconut oil. First, it can potentially reduce cancer risks. It also improves the digestion of your dog and becomes medicine for most digestive upsets. The thyroid function is also kept normal with coconut oil. It can give your dog a smooth glossy coat, as well as healthy, supple skin. Yeast and fungal infections are also treated and prevented through the use of coconut oil. Arthritis and similar pains can also be minimized or treated. Coconut can also balance your dog’s metabolism rate to keep his weight under control.

Another area in which amazing results have been attained is in prevention of parasitic infestations, and apparently curing the problem in many instances. As described in an article on the website:

Coconut oil may provide an effective defense against many troublesome parasites including giardia. Like bacteria and fungi, giardia can’t stand up against MCFA found in coconut oil.

Research has confirmed the effectiveness of MCFA in destroying giardia and possibly other protozoa.5,6,7 By using coconut oil and other coconut products every day, you may be able to destroy giardia before it can establish a toehold.

It can be given internally or applied externally, and can provide remedies for many skin infections. It can disinfect cuts and improve your dog’s general skin and coat condition, making it healthier. Wounds also heal faster with coconut oil, and it helps to deodorize your dog’s skin and clear up some rashes as well.

And unlike most herbal products that are good for your dog’s health, coconut is something that your dog will most probably love to eat. They will most likely gobble up the coconut oil and not be too picky with it. Just as humans can get a bit nutty for coconut, so can our beloved buddies. Mix it with their food – it has cured many picky eaters.

Many vets and researchers today are recommending the regular use of coconut oil for dogs and many other pets as an excellent source of nutrients, which keeps your dog in good health.

The recommended dose is pretty easy; just give a teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of dog, or you can give a table spoon per 30 pounds. Start with about 1/4 the recommended dosage and build up to the recommended level over 3-4 weeks, as sometimes flu-like symptoms can appear if you hurried it right away.

More benefits of coconut oil for dogs are being constantly discovered. Get some for your fur baby’s health and well-being.

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  1. I have also found it is useful for dog tartar build up & that pesky bad breath. Please keep in mind it is not a cure all for tartar build up, your dog should have still have dental’s by your Veterinarian.

  2. Coconut oil is a multi-purpose, coconut oil to improve the skin, and show who you are. www[dot]//bit[dot]ly/1JQeSYe

  3. I have a blue Pitt that has unfortunately got the skin issues that are notorious for this breed. He’s allergic to Grass,protein, and grains. He continuously kept hives and could not control the itching. We took him for weekly lime and sulfur dips at the vet which really helped but the cost got high and my frustration level did also. He was like family and to see him suffering really started to get to us, so I started researching countless hours and watching others YouTube videos that had this breed and the skin conditions until I found a video of a vet talking about coconut oil and I was shocked to learn of all the benefits for dogs it offered so I went to my kitchen and got the Unrefined cold pressed coconut oil I use for cooking and started him on it immediately and I am so serious when j say this in 24 hrs most his hives were dried up and healing and within 5days were completely gone I give him a tablespoon a day now and he has no more severe breakouts nor had to go back to the vet for lime and sulfur dips. Coconut oil is truly a miracle for this family and our beloved cotton he is so happy and active now and I truly give all the credit to it!

    • Tiffany White, please send me a message or an email or friend request. My dog is so red from head to toe, his ears are bad. He has been seeing a dermatologist and I have spend over $2,000 since June. I just want my dog comfortable and safe. Please send me a message tell me what you did and how it works. Thank you

  4. Hello, ive read so many great reviews on coconut oil so i went ahead and started my american bulldog on a tsp a day. It said start slow due to possible diarrhea so thats what i did. Im not sure what day i started maybe a week ago and out of no where 3 days ago my dog has come down with the worst hives ever. The only reason im not 100% sure if it is the oil, is because i also noticed fleas and treated him with a shampoo and flea collar just about the same time. Since the hives started i stopped the oil and removed the collar also washed him several times with just plain water hoping to rinse or dilute the flea amd tick wash. Not to mention trying to help releave the itch, i feel terrible but the benadryl has brough them down at times but then they flare up again. As much as i been researching i cant find anything any where of someone having similiar reaction due to the oil. Does any1 have any insight on this, or know the likely hood of coconut oil dping that to a dog??? Please any suggestions are welcome…Thank u

  5. It’s been years that my samoyed have hair more than half a inch during spring and summer. Three months ago my skin problem got worst. Even putting the med., MALASEB, directly on the wounds without flushing it off every 2 days, those rashes just couldn’t go away. Hair and skin turned pink whenever touching the poison “MALASEB” One day I bought him coconut oil to eat and suddenly in a week of time I found that the rashes were all gone. I was so worry that I might overdoes him with “MALASEB” or else the coconut oil really working. It’s been almost 3 months now, rashes were all gone and didn’t came back ; even in bad weather with heavy rain, he only have 3 red dots on his legs. Now he is med. free for 2 months but still taking coconut oil every 2 or 3 days. If he stays problem free in the next 2 months, he will be all HEAL! All those years with a lot of steroid, antibiotics, “MALASEB” baths and diets… all couldn’t cure him but coconut oil????! It’s a miracle! And we didnt even finfish 1/10 of the jar… by the way, I usually give him 2 to three teaspoons of coconut oil every 2 or 3 days. Guess I am kind of worry about the cholesterol level…

  6. Coconut oil…yes it works on baseball size tumors. My dog had one large one on the back of her neck. I started with turmeric organic, and coconut oil, mixed it together applied to lump. Also put the turmeric on her food, and gave her coconut oil organic, she ate it off the spoon. Did this everyday for 5 months. Now I just give her coconut oil daily, and turmeric on her meals 3 times a week. No more turmor. Its just floppy skin, which you can see unless you know where the turmor was. Best bonus her hair has grown back in. Now it got worst before it got better several times I wanted to stop. But with lots of prays. I kept to it. It worked. And best, people can not believe it when they see her now. They all thought I was crazy and that I would have to get her surgery to remove it. Surgery was not an option she isn’t a spring chick and I knew it would be wrong to put her threw it.. so try this out and continue with coconut oil your dog will love it. A teaspoon at each meal. My dog weights 90 lbs. And that’s what I give her.

  7. Hi, first of all, thanks for this valuable information. My baby is over 7 years now and he has a wound on his foreleg, on tarsals’ joint. we treated iy once with Spectrazole , but he has been scratching it and so it’s not healing. I would try Coconut oil on his wound and see if this works for him. Thanks again.

  8. My douge de bordeaux suffered from bad hair loss, ear infections and has had 2 oops on her eye as her lid kept perding and getting sore. After countless trips to vets and using steroids and antibiotics the problems would ease but then come back. I tried coconut oil in her feed and its been 4 months now, she’s never looked or felt so great! It’s the best medicine going and is far more cheaper than vets! I can’t rate it highly enough!!!

  9. Since you give 2 him 2 tablespoons per day, may I assume that your dog weighs at least 60 lbs? I plan to try it to reduce the size of her tennis ball lipoma. I was thinking to using it topically, but now I also plan to add it to her food. She is 15.5 years old, and still has a lot of spunk but if the lipoma continues to get bigger, it’s going to stop her from using her left hind leg (to avoid trampling the lipoma).

  10. I have been using organic coconut oil in my dogs food for the past year. His fur was so dry and flaky before I started using it. Now it’s so shiny and no flakes. I use one Tbsp in his morning meal and one Tbsp in his evening meal. He loves it.