How Dogs React to Human Pregnancy

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Do you know how dogs react to human pregnancy? Some dogs react whenever a member of a family is pregnant. This probably comes from the dog’s extraordinarily keen senses, almost like ESP for humans.

Pregnancy is no joke, especially for the women experiencing it. Certain mood swings and changes occur, both physically and emotionally. And at some point, dogs have good detection skills when it comes to sensing these changes. The level of sensitivity to these changes actually varies among the different breeds. Some breeds don’t seem to care about the pregnancy, while some others run about and have certain reactions to it.

Ever Notice How Dogs React To Human Pregnancy?

Some people believe that dogs have a sixth sense, but in reality, they just have better senses when it comes to body language and emotional changes in a person. The extraordinary senses that some dogs seem to possess may be due to the fact that they are indeed quite gifted in sensing these changes. Even emotional changes of people can be seen and detected by dogs.

Another thing is that they are also extraordinary at smelling things, such as odor changes due to the differences in a pregnant woman’s body chemistry, and many react to it.

How Dogs React to Human Pregnancy

Since dogs are capable of identifying these changes, some of them react to them, especially if their master happens to be the pregnant woman. Different postural behaviors can occur, and the dog might start acting weird towards his/her owner. Some dogs may even growl or be overprotective of their owner, and their moods might change. And other dogs may start following their master everywhere.

While these pregnancy stresses for dogs can occur, there are still ways to treat them. If the dog is already well-trained, dealing with its behavior is much easier. One way is to set up clear rules and boundaries around the house and wherever you take your dog. Try giving him some basic commands and help him focus when these situations occur. Once the owner has forcefully taken control of the situation, the dog will feel more relaxed and the tension should go away.

In some areas, there are programs by different organizations that focus on counseling families on treating their dogs that are experiencing this kind of pregnancy stress. The basic key to helping your dog out of this stress is providing him with good care and extra attention to his emotional needs. Dogs in this kind of situation need to be calmed down so they can avoid unwanted annoyance to the family. It is just a matter of preparing the dog for the new baby, and good planning should be established for times when emotions will be a fact of life. Most pregnant women themselves experience emotional stress, and it will be likely “rub off on” the dog. And this is why the dog needs to be properly trained so it can relax to make way for the new member of the family.

Having an idea of how dogs react to human pregnancy will help you when the happy event occurs in your family. You’ll know what to look out for, and can thus keep any problems from becoming serious.

Did you experience unusual dog behavior when there was a pregnancy in your family? Please share below.


  1. I had 4 dogs 1 160lb dogo 2 boxer Ridgeback pit mixes and a golden retriever shepherd mix. My one boxer Ridgeback pit mix sasha won’t leave my side. She doesn’t allow people to touch my belly she has been like that since a week after being pregnant now I’m a few days shy of 30 weeks and she checks on the baby every time he moveamoves

  2. I have a tea cup yorkie who’s always been very quite n laid back girl well behaved has always went every were with me since we rescued her 2 years ago , currently 5 weeks pregnet two weeks ago she seemed to of had major behavior changes all of sudden my quite sweet girl is growling n barking at any neiboirs or company has to sleep right next to my tummy , then I have two pit bulls the 3 1/2 year old female feels needs to Howle at me none stop but male seems not to notice much funny how quickly they changed their behavior and so protective

  3. When I found out I was pregnant both times, my pitbull Tobey became very protective. He would go everywhere with me before I was pregnant and during but once I was pregnant he would demand to sit in front seat and I swear would bring that big pit head out like he was trying to be intimidating. One time I went to get mt husband his favorite beer after he had a bad day at work, tobey was with me and he started staring at this big guy. The guy actually told me to make him stop bc he was nervous. Also, once I had both my babies he was amazing, soft and lovinf. He let mt daughter pull herself up to stand and he let her learn to walk with him by very slowlt waljing with her. Like he knew what he was doing. Now she is 4 and he would rathwr sleep with her than me anymore.. haha. He is now older and I have a 4 month old and he is so sweet. He gives tiny kisses on his forhead with the tip of his tongue evert morning and sleeps on the floor next to his bassinet at nap time. …. pits r Awsome and so are other breeds with their preg moms and babies

    • My pitbull, Stella, started acting very strange when we came home from our honeymoon. She normally favors my husband, but suddenly she wanted to be with me at all times- just following me around, snuggling and giving kisses. We later found out I was pregnant and it all made sense! When we have people over she tends to sit in front of me or on my lap. She has shown no signs of aggression towards anyone, but makes sure I am safe at all times!

  4. My cockapoo wakes me when I have asthma attacks at nite love the little man Yes he lives indoors has a doggy door has a Great Life.

  5. My cockapoo wakes me up when Im having an asthma attack in my sleep, he pushes his nose in and out of my mouth like giving me CPR he will hover over me till I wake , saved me many times. Love my Squirt :)

  6. My Staffy is so scared of me since I’ve developed a bump…he literally won’t come near me and wees everywhere when I go near him!!!!
    I would never hurt him, and love him so much…but he suddenly hates me! Its heartbreaking…he literally spends all day hiding from me, all I want is my cuddly pooch back!!!!

  7. My friends dog has been clingy to me for the past four day’s cried when i left the house an every time i come around she lies in my lap or at my feet it’s weird because she normally doesn’t do these things

  8. I agree with Sybil. abuse would be neglecting it by not feeding it, physically beating it, and mistreating it. I have seen animals that were abused. my family has always took in dogs that were abused so i know what problems comes with animal abuse. There are many people brought up also with the thinking that dogs stay outside. I agree small dogs need to be inside. but verbally attacking someone for this ideology is just as abusive. If you know they are doing the above mentioned that is one thing but if not do not automatically assume.

  9. wow i agree with sybil on this one. Why verbally attack someone who has a small dog and has kept it outside. Yes I agree small dogs do need to be inside based on the fact they can be easily carried off by predators. Not everyone that keeps a dog outside is a animal abuser. Some people are brought up with the ideaology that dogs go outdoors. I love animals and I believe that unless you know the situation first hand and have seen it then do not assume for the fact of making yourself look idiotic. I love animals and any form of animal abuse regardless of animal species wild or domestic is wrong.

  10. We have an English mastiff X and he is the most beautiful natured dog so caring loving and protective of our daughter who is 2; they are like best friends. We recently found out we were having another baby and now all of a sudden Simba has started arking up at other dogs now and even gets in fights… i dont know if it has to do with protection or if he is just changing habits. any advice?

  11. I have a german shepherd x rotty who has extremely good behaviour and works within the security workforce. When I was pregnant with my son, my dog seem more protective than normal not to ‘overly protective’ though at that point. One night I started to get back labour, this was my first child so I wasn’t sure if I was in labour I just thought it was normal back pain just a little more sore than normal. I didn’t get any pain at the front at all…. I was sitting outside, saying hello to my dog after just feeding him he came over to me stared at my belly oddly and moved his head from side to side and than just poked my tummy with his nose.. I laughed and thought it was adorable but had no idea why he was doing it.: That night/early morning I was getting serve pain in my back so we packed up and went to the hospital to find out that I was 4cm dilated that same day I had my son. I believe my dog had sensed it before I even knew he was on his way. I ended up having a emergency c-section so I was in hospital for about a week.. When I finally could come home I was so sore and my dog had greeted me, but had kept putting his head under my hand as I walked to my front stairs. My partner had come over to help me up and then my dog had jumped up on my partner and stood in between us. He started to become over protective from that point on. Maybe he could sense that I was vulnerable at that time. He wouldn’t let family near me and my son. He would stand in between myself and my family and would growl if they got to close. He’s very well socialised with my close immediate family and has never growled or came in between myself and them so this came to a surprise for me. My son is now 10 months old and has been nothing but a great companion to our little family. My dog and I have grown an even stronger bond since then on. He has been the best dog I’ve ever own. Just love him to bits :)

  12. I’m 7 1/2 weeks pregnant With my first child. I have 2 well trained Doberman. Both know I’m pregnant. One dobbie is doing great, she’s a bit more protective but not acting out. The other has suddenly taken to my husband and trying to claim. She rubs on him then glares at me. She will pee by his side of the bed so he gets up with her. She will force her way in between us so he won’t touch me. Its as if she’s jealous of me and is claiming him for breeding rights. She is still sweet but now a mess. Tearing up dishes, plastic ware, cords, jumping on counters, eating out of the trash, peeing in the house. … at least one dog is behaving.

  13. My dog is normally pretty attentive but the past week he’s been growling whenever my fiance comes near me. Yesterday he started sleeping on my belly. (pomeranian) My period isn’t due for a few more days but this strange behavior got me thinking…. I just took a test and sure enough- positive! I can’t believe he could tell so soon. I mean wow. He knew before I did

  14. I have a pit mix and she’s almost always with me sleeps at the foot of the bed comes to work etc. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and the last 4 weeks she’s been extra clingy, I mean if I go to the bathroom and she was sound asleep snoring there she is waiting outside the door. If I’m cleaning the apt she tracks me her eyes moving back and forth. The other strange thing she does now is when she comes for a cuddle she tries to lie on top on my stomach. I think she can tell something’s going on and she’s feeling protective. I’m not too worried and she’s a very sweet dog never aggressive. I was just wondering if it was normal.

  15. 1. A dog is a pack animal and when you move any dog into your life you become a pack. When you shut your dog out of the pack they believe they are being ostracized. 2. Why did you get a Yorkie when you obviously had no idea about care of dogs and particularly very small dogs. 3. Why did you get a dog when you didn’t absolutely want him in then house to talk to and pick and cuddle and include in all aspects of your family life. To have a full, loving relationship with a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences any human can have. Not even another human can give you the commitment and undying love a dog will. It is not my intention to be mean I was just confused when I read your comments.

  16. I have two english Bulldogs and now that I have gotten to my third trimester they are super clingy. My boy bully has always been attached to my hip but now my girl is also all about me when she usually was more affectionate to my husband. I was wondering why they are both so clingy now that I have entered my third trimester

  17. I have a male Yorkshire that’s 6 years old. He slept outside since he was a baby till 2 weeks ago that he started crying and anxiously trying to come in the house and sleep in my lap all day, he also follows me everywhere and tries to go with me when I go out. I’ve been bloated, cramping and have been very gassy. I’ll find out this weekend if I’m pregnant.

    • You mentioned that you own a Yorkie. Do you not realize that they are INDOOR dogs? They are not an OUTDOOR breed. I can’t even imagine what that poor baby has been through. People like you don’t need to own a dog especially since you have no idea as to an indoor versus outdoor breed is. In fact no breed deserves to live outside. You disgust me.

      • I agree! That is a small dog! Bring that poor baby inside! I have a pit bull and a terrier mix, and the pit bull lives outside, as he prefers the open area to run and be free as we have several acres to run and he is too large to be inside at almost 80 lbs, but my terrier mix is 20 lbs, and would be devastated if I put her outside! Pregnant or not, bring that poor dog inside, or give her to a good home that can take better care of her.

    • You are being attacked for keeping aT INY dog outside.
      While I agree that that dog NEVER should be outside for more reasons than I can list here…People…instead of attacking this misinformed woman, let’s educate her and create a BETTER situation rather than putting her on the defence and possibly having yet another dog end up in a pound somewhere, let’s insure that she and the dog stay together in a proper, loving and safe manner.