Loyal Dog Refused to Leave Deceased Owner’s Side

bullterrier_sadDespite the scorching 100-degree Oklahoma heat, one man’s very best friend stayed fiercely loyal to the end, and beyond.

Oklahoma animal control officers were called to the scene of a homeless man’s death when his loyal companion, a Bull Terrier, refused to leave his side, despite having no food or water and suffering in the extreme heat.

As officers pulled the dog away, he continued pulling toward his owner’s body. His owner had died of natural causes.

“The dog kept wanting to pull back to go back to where the remains of where the deceased owner was,” Oklahoma City Animal Shelter supervisor Sheridan Lowery told KFOR.

Now in a shelter, the heartbroken dog will not eat, sleep, and most times won’t even lift his head. He is completely grief stricken.

“Their owner is deceased. They don’t know what is going on. They don’t know how to act. They don’t know how to react,” explained Lowery.

For now, officers are trying to locate family members of the deceased man in hopes that they can help the terrier come out of his shell. If no family steps forward, he will be placed for adoption.

“If he’s shown this kind of attachment, this kind of dedication to family he could make a really good family pet,” says Lowery.

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