1. To me.. It is F***** disgusting and im going to try everything possible to get rid of it. Do not want to smell fritos unless I open a bag. Just like if we put on deodorant before sweating we DONT smell musty like onions!!!. And people who like the smell of it are disgusting as well

    • Uhhh.. I think you went a little tooo serious dude, sounds to me like you do not need to have a pet in your life! shame on you!

  2. I always thought my Golden’s feet smelled like Fritos but, I never thought to ask anyone else about this! I love that fact that it is a common occurrence. Not sure I like that it is a bacteria, but who cares because I love my dog Chase! Maybe I should give up kissing his paws though?! 😀

  3. This looks like an old thread but thought I would comment anyway.Being in the UK I’m not familiar with the Frito brand, however I can confirm that since bringing Rosie home my daughter Katie has said that Rosie’s feet smell like cheesy Wotsits!. Not sure if you recognize the brand but you get the idea. Both of my daughters dogs are fed the BARF diet for the lady earlier that is raw foods only.

  4. heehee…aka “TACO feet” in my house! Its just the way they smell…
    and Yes, anything u would call an “odor” in dogs ears is absolutely an infection…often chronic w/floppy eared dogs&nothing like taco feet!

  5. My Frenchie’s feet smell like fritos, especially after a nap. He has had frito feet ever since puppyhood. He eats a healthy diet and has regular trips to the vet. He has never had an infection of any kind.
    I have had many, many dogs and all of them have had frito feet and personally I love the scent. Frito feet, puppy breath, it is all a wonderful part of being a dog mommy!!