Puppies Killed at Pit Bull Awareness/Adoption Event

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Two pit bulls were killed and another three are recovering after someone apparently poisoned the young puppies during an awareness and adoption event in central Pennsylvania this weekend.

WeAreCentralPA.com reported that during an event held by A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue, someone allegedly put poison in the water dish that 5 tiny pit bull puppies were drinking from. The event was intended to raise awareness of the breed, to educate the public about these dogs, and to find homes for the pups that A Darrah Bull Bully rescues.

Renae Metz, one of the founders of A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue, told reporters, “The puppies evidently were an easy target. We aren’t going to turn people down when they offer to put water in their pen, we never imagined that someone would be this malicious.”

Because of the actions of one hateful, malicious person, the pit bull rescue organization will no longer bring puppies to their events.

“We want to press on and save as many dogs as we can,” Metz said. “This just turned us on to the fact that so many people are hateful and we just need to keep spreading the word that these are not bad dogs at all.”

The organization is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the heinous act that left 2 puppies dead and 3 others in need of emergency medical care.

If you have information, or would like to contribute to their cause in the form of donations, visit A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue at http://adarrahbullbullyrescue.webs.com/


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When I adopted my shepherd mix, Molly, from a local shelter 12 years ago, I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. Through Molly, I've learned to be more patient, experienced unconditional love, been alerted to the mailman and every squirrel within a block radius of the house, and ingested enough fur to build 3 or 4 more dogs! When I lost Molly to cancer just a few months ago, I adopted Olive, a 13 week old Golden Retriever. Together, we smile at least a hundred times a day!


  1. What DISGUSTING PEOPLE to do this to incident little puppies. Whatever your age what if we give you the poison and see you SUFFER?? Would you do this to your children?? Throw the prison for life to them. Place their pictures on every news channel to let the world know who you are? Never to have animals around you or your children. COWARD SOB’S FOR THIS ACTION!! HAVE NO MERCY FOR YOU !!

  2. you people are the reason that animal cruelty cases increase, rather than decrease. Here, we have dead puppies – at the hand of one of ours – and yet, you would rather address what the hell happens to US after death?!

    Would that you all exerted that same energy into productive solutions to animal abuse and cruelty.

    Instead, this sad and disgusting act is met with frivolity and grammar corrections.

    So. Typically. Human.

  3. God……damn…..etc. Isn’t the subject the murder of puppies? There is no scientific proof that pit bulls are dangerous.When they do bite they do a lot of damage but people are breeding and conditioning for aggression so they can claim big dicks and make $.People are always the problem.Labs bite more than pits each year. Using the rational that some use all humans should be put down.

  4. Question re the safety of pit bulls: I visited a few days with someone who had a “harmless” pit bull, half grown. When I would go outside to use my cell phone, the lonely dog would try to play with me, by jumping on me and biting at my ankles. If I tried to walk away, he would only become more rowdy, jumping and biting more — and it hurt! If I ran away, this behavior would escalate even more. Yelling at him didn’t help. (They told me to yell at him when he was rowdy.)

    I ended up jumping on the roof of the nearest car or sitting in the car (on a hot day) just to talk on my phone! He could be sneaky too — waiting until I am a distance from the house before he would come after me.

    I agree this dog would possibly be better if they gave him attention, so he wasn’t so lonely. They keep him on a chain or in the house all day, and want to allow him a chance to exercise —- hence him catching me when I would talk on my phone (no signal in the house).

    Other dogs do not threaten me like that. Pit bulls IN PARTICULAR threaten me like that. I was at risk with that pit bull!! (I am 5/3″; 105 lbs). A small child would be in even more danger. He could injure me when he is being playful. Also I sensed he could easily go from ‘playing’ to intentional aggression very easily.

    These factors are not true in many other breeds (maybe a few other breeds they are true in). This constitutes a DANGEROUS DOG. Am I mistaken????

    Other breeds don’t endanger me just because I am caught outside alone without their owner, when they also happen to be in the same area.

    Before this experience I had never had an attitude against pit bulls. Somebody help me out, here.

  5. How about everyone sticks to the subject at hand and saves their Hell and Heaven beliefs for another more appropriate thread?

    The P-O-S who did this needs to be caught and fed a little drano in their next cup of coffee.

    That is a terrible act by a terrible person… they need to be caught and any other PB rescues in that area should probably avoid bringing dogs to those events too as obviously this scum has it out for Pits. Too bad they don’t educated themselves before committing murder.


  7. I live on a farm in a rural country town in the middle of ‘lost and found’ so to speak. Having been raised on a farm, I have been and still am exposed to a variety of situations regarding animal life. My parents have a male jack russell farm dog and also various ages of toy poodles. I personally have a male blue heeler and a male border collie. The reason i’m highlighting these facts is because every breed typically has a standard personality that is typical for them. However, i’ve seen some toy poodles that are your typical friendly lap cuddler people lover and some that are aggressive knee nibblers. The ‘standard’ blue heeler is usually a reserved cautious dog- more of a one owner or one family type dog. However my blue heeler has never met a stranger, and would rather be out treeing squirrels and coons than herding our sheep. My border collie also doesn’t fit the ‘typical’ border collie mold. He’s very laid back, prefers to fall asleep chewing on a bone or bark at fish in the creek. We have had numerous dogs and puppies wander up to our houses that people have neglected on the dirt road- some have been great dane mixes, lab mixes, pit bulls and really all kinds of dogs. Unfortunately, if these dogs can’t be placed, many wind up killed by being runover or even at the hand of a rancher protecting his cattle investment if he finds them chasing his cows.
    I’ll admit that i have never owned a pure bred pit bull, although i have at various times owned some that were cross breeds. My point to this little story is that i feel like people want to point the blame at one specific breed and call it dangerous. And maybe there are breeds that are MORE prone to being violent than others. I do think that just as there are good people in the world and there are bad people in the world, there are animals that have a genetic makeup that leans them one way or the other. You observe a litter of puppies and some at a very young age will bark and growl a lot while others are quite timid. This can be observed only weeks after birth. I’m not trying to downplay the role that past experiences play on a dog (or human for that matter). I think that a dog or human that was abused should be given a chance to recover- and some truly do blossom and rise above their traumatic experience. Unfortunately others can’t ever seem to and it may effect them at different times or during different situations. But to poison an animal, helpless puppies in this instance, that is wrong. This was inhumane and cruel. Maybe there should be permits or licenses to acquire with the breeds deemed ‘more prone to violence’ but where is the line drawn for that? I have barbadoes sheep that absolutely enjoy ramming my horses and my ‘supposed’ cow dogs, but does that make them violent and require a permit to own them? This needs to be looked at from a broader spectrum and a more open mind.

  8. During WWII, a US military personel brought his pit bull to war with him. The dog rescued wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Warned of german spies, warned of gas going off in their bunkers. warned when the enemy was approaching. That dog was the first dog that was used on the battle field. Anyway, he recieved a purple heart. After the way that dog performed during war, the US military started using dogs for various duties. The dog in our gang was a pitt bull.

    • Really, dogs were never used in war before that?? Dogs were ALWAYS used in war. MY grandfather was a handler in WWI. In WWII, there were millions of dogs used on both sides, and many of them were family pets that were donated to the war effort and lost their lives in the war. Total lack of facts here.


  9. I have had over my lifetime. A terrior poodle mix that no one could get close to. The dog took a chunk out of my leg when my brother and I were having a dissagreement. When I was 4 or 5 yrs old, I had a heinz 57 that chewed my upper lip up. We had two black labs when I was kid. They never bit me. They pulled me around the block on my skateboard. As an adult, I had one St Bernard who was a loving dog. An Irish setter that was so sweet. A German sheppard that wasnt territorial until we moved to town, and had a fenced in back yard. If you were family the dog wouldnt let you in the back yard. The shepard was protective of my son who was a toddler. We have had three more labs since then. One white, one black, and one chocolate lab. The white and black labs I never had any problems with. The chocolate lab would bite my bottom when my husband or kids starterd yelling at me. Other wise the chocolate lab wouldnt bite. I presently have hienz 57, Probably terrier, and chiulala mixed. He doesnt like people in uniform, or dark complexted people. This dog was rescued by a friend of my husbands. They gave the dog to us. I suppose at one time he was abandoned, and abused. He is sweet to me, but he has bitten other family members. He doesnt want me to leave the house. he is attached to me. Then I have full blood chiulala. That dog barks all the time when someone comes thru the door. She gets all the dogs started barking. She hasnt bit anyone yet. She sneaks up on the bed to sleep after we fall asleep. Then my son who lives with us brought a pit bull puppy home 7-8 months ago. She is a big dog now. She hasnt bitten anyone. My heinze 57 rules the house. He is in charge. The other dogs know not to bother him. He bosses the pitt bull. The mother and a sister of my sons pitt bull. I see once in while they are really gentle. The pitt bull doesnt bother my cats, or my chickens. My heinz 57 chases my boy cat all the time, but doesnt bother the two girl cats. Just like in all races of people, in all breeds of dogs you have your good and bad. Most bad behavior is learned, as well as good behavior is learned. Bad behavior can be taught, as well as good behavior can be taught. Sometimes good familys may have that one kid that turns bad maybe born that way. Bad familys may have that one kid that turns out good. It is the same with dogs and litters of puppy. It depends on genetics, learned behavior, training, and discipline. Out of the three dogs that live in my house. The pit bull seems to be the best one. She is so sweet. She can do a whole bunch of tricks. Now if I can figure out a way to keep all the dogs out of the trash. I would be a happy camper.

    • Sounds like you have owned at lot of dogs but don’t have any knowledge or make any effort to actually TRAIN any of them I sure wish you luck and hope that there are no more dogs biting or being aggressive that you own. Allowing your dogs to repeatedly bite your or family members, or to act aggressive to others is totally irresponsible dog ownership and you are exactly the type of people who should NOT own the type of dog that could potentially cause serious damage to someone if they did bite. I hope that you start to take responsibility for your animals and actually learn the proper way to raise and train them. The use of a trainer to do temperament tests on your animals should be the first step in gaining control of a situation that obviously have been dangerous for some time.

  10. So, so bigoted. The press has done its job.

    You should take the time to get to know the breed. And meet people who have REAL pitts, not the agressive, beaten, abused, damaged ones that a**holes “use for protecton” of their illegal activities. These poor little guys can sometimes be saved and become loving pets, but some can not. But that’s not their fault.
    Meet the dogs who are family pets, who love everyone they see, who would rather sit on your lap than be anywhere else in the world.
    That’s what the breed is really like.
    I hope you take the opportunity. They are just lovely animals, like other breeds. Please, open your mind, don’t believe the hype.