Take the Pledge to Stop Supporting Puppy Mills

The ASPCA is employing a national fleet of puppy interrogators to help put an end to puppy mills.

In the video below, Brownie the Dog is interrogating his owner, Mike, for buying him treats that smell like a pet store that sells puppies. In the end, Mike learns the truth about pet store puppies and pledges to never shop at one of those stores again. Will you take the pledge, too?

About 99% of all puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. It’s not enough to just not buy puppies from these stores – we need to stop supporting these stores at all! If the owner of your local pet supply store really cares about dogs, they won’t buy and sell puppies, thereby directly contributing to the thriving puppy mill industry.

Next time you’re making a visit to your local pet store, if you see that they’re selling puppies, tell the owner that you’ll no longer support the people that support puppy mills, and don’t shop from the store again unless and until the stop supporting puppy mills!

Take the pledge at www.nopetstorepuppies.com!

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