What Does a Growling Dog Mean?

When a dog growls, he or she is doing so for a reason. This is a form of dog language all humans, and especially dog owners, need to learn how to understand.

For instance, often times puppies and adult dogs growl while playing with another dog or their owners, and this is very normal behavior.

However, it is those times when a growling dog means something else that we want to focus on in this article.

Most people associate a growling dog with the times they have approached an unfamiliar residence, and the dog living there barks and growls. This is the dog communicating to this person they have intruded on the dogs turf and should leave. Again, this is perfectly normal behavior from a healthy adult dog.

Here’s an important clue: what if an otherwise very friendly dog begins to growl at his owners for no apparent reason? Why has such a dramatic change in the dog’s personality taken place? These events are most likely indications the dog is injured or ill.

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