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2 Juveniles Arrested After Dog Abuse Video Goes Viral on Facebook

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Two St. Louis County, Missouri juveniles were arrested and charged with animal abuse yesterday after a disturbing video of their horrific abuse to a young Pit Bull surfaced and quickly went viral on Facebook.

In the video, one young boy is seen throwing the puppy high into the air before slamming it down onto the ground and punching it repeatedly while his friend giggled behind the video camera.

The video was shared on the social media site thousands of times, while calls and emails to police and news stations poured in. News 4 reports that police arrested the boys immediately after the video was brought to their attention. Animal control has taken the dog into custody where she is being treated for injuries. Typically, dogs taken into custody through abuse cases are held during investigations. After the case is closed, the courts will determine the dog’s future.

Initial reports indicate the dog is doing well and should eventually be available for adoption.

“The County Police Department takes these incidents very seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach towards the inhumane treatment of animals,” said Officer Brian Schellman told News 4.

The Humane Society has proven that a correlation exists between animal abuse and other acts of violence. St. Louis County police expressed concern that the boys’ disregard for the well-being of the dog will translate into violent acts toward people.

The boys’ names and identities have not been released due to their age.

Please remember, if you see something, say something.

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  1. Avatar Of Leanne



    That boy is a f**** jerk !!!

  2. Avatar Of Theresa



    Someone has got to recognize these kids and where they live! I’ll give $20 to whoever publishes their names and address! Everyone needs to be warned about these sick, psycho little SOB’s and their parents also! I’m all for marching them to the woods and shooting them in the head! The most they’re worth in this life is buzzard food!

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  4. Avatar Of Joey Garcia Joey Garcia says:

    Poor dog. The blame and hate should be directed towards the parents of these kids for raising them without being taught about how to love animals. I’m glad this video went viral and caught our attention because many of these abusive acts (and even worse) are not captured on camera but if we work hand in hand and do something, we can still save these helpless animals.

  5. Avatar Of Mary



    It’s appalling that people are posting to treat these boys with the same abuse they showed this dog. Yes they should face charges and the parents should be looked into carefully. I have to wonder if these kids learned how to abuse animals and possibly others from their home environment. Not all abusers do but most come from abusive homes. I’m glad this dog is safe and I hope these boys will pay in some way for their actions. I also hope that if there is a chance that they can be rehabilitated that they are.

  6. Avatar Of Evans



    The dog needs to be taken away from the house and a type of ban be put on these two so they cant purchase anymore dogs. Its ridiculous because if the dog would have bitten the kid then the dog would be put to sleep. No excuse for this behavior. This is what makes dogs mean.

  7. Avatar Of Jay jay says:

    i hopr those kids get the book thew at them and then i hopr they get there ass kick just like they did to the puppy and i hope they get worse then what they did i hope people see these kids and throw rocks at themthey nned too bee punish to the severest degree.

  8. Avatar Of Charles Beck

    Charles Beck


    It has been shown time and time again that those who are abused are destined to abuse someone or some thing in the future. Unfortunately abuse is passed down from generation to generation. These boys abused an easy target,a poor helpless puppy.

  9. Avatar Of Linden



    These boys start with small creatures and end with women and children. I can almost guarentee there is domestic violence in their homes. The boys mother who defended him should be very ashamed her child that she raised can do these things. These boys need help.
    Tragic that so many abuse animals and it’s a sign of the lack of nurture and empathy in these homes.

  10. Avatar Of Susanne



    julius is right! They should be beat to near death. How dare anyone protect their faces after what they did.

  11. Avatar Of Susanne



    words cannot describe what I would do to them if I should ever see them. So they better lock them up!

  12. Avatar Of Carrie



    I am so sickened by this. Juveniles hurting animals today become the serial killers of tomorrow. Their parents should be hung as well…

  13. Avatar Of Tdf



    I reported this as graphic violence after seeing it… I went to his page and he was all “gangster” on his FB page. There needs to be accountability for their actions. Kids who abuse helpless animals grow up to be abusers, murders… I pray they pay for their actions and the parents need to be held accountable too… I could not believe what he had posted on his FB page and that has to be only the tip of the iceberg.

  14. Avatar Of Cledith Kishpaugh

    Cledith Kishpaugh


    So sad… another thing gets to me, they don’t or not allowed to give their names or show their faces, but yet they do these awful things. If their old enough to do such things, they should be shown to the world how EVIL THEY ARE. AND, the parents shouldn’t be spared the showing, and letting the people know who they are, and who these idiots belong to.. Geeeezzz. Beat the dummass kids..

  15. Avatar Of Trisha



    These are some cowards who will continue to prey on the weak and defenseless. I expect they will at the very least abuse other animals, and possibly their wife or kids

  16. Avatar Of Julius



    Those little *explictives* should be beaten to near death for what they did to that poor darling. Had I seen them doing that I would have taken that poor baby away from them, by force if I had to.

  17. Avatar Of Naomi Oligney

    naomi oligney


    Juvenille Hall for them until they reach age & the some other type of punishment thereafter. Besides never being able to own any pets ever again.

  18. Avatar Of Ak



    This enrages me. If it were legal, I would have body slammed this kid and punch him, so he can see what its like to get his butt kicked by a bully. Pit-bulls are the most misrepresented breed in America. They were once known as the nanny breed, because they are so gentle and protective of children,[[ When low income trash isn’t beating them into becoming a viscous dog. That’s how pit-bulls have got there bad name.]] Someone earlier mentioned parenting is the issue. That is partially true, but low-income areas have some of the worst excuses for parents that I’ve ever seen. Show me a bad kid and I will show you a bad parent. Show me a viscous dog and I will show you the piece of garbage that raised/bred the animal. Ohio has made it a felony to abuse any animal. I hope Missouri has done the same. If you beat an animal, YOU’RE A COWARD! Period. I can’t wait for this kid to fulfill his destiny and go to prison.

  19. Avatar Of Dawn Hall

    Dawn Hall


    Do that kid the way he did the pit. I own 2 pit bulls that will lick you to death. They are the sweetest things. I hope this never happens again with these kids, but I am afraid it will.

  20. Someone needs to put these little snots down.

  21. Avatar Of Carol Perez carol perez says:

    I watched this video and it was very disturbing. these little bastards need to do some time behind bars, let them be knocked around like they did that poor dog. it was so sad near the end of the video when the little bastard was carrying the dog and the poor thing looked right at the other little bastard filming it as if to say help me. this kind of crap makes me sick.

  22. Avatar Of Martha Martha says:

    I read all the comments and the most startling thing that came of this, the teenage boys were at home alone unattended without parenting. There abuse of this dog is only the beginning of what they will do. And yes, I agree, if that poor dog had bit one of them the story would be entirely different. Has anyone noticed that black people like to have pit bulls. Most of them are on chains, or confined in a pen. Which brings me to why? They are not vicious dogs. Its people like these two that cause them to be mean. You can take a Jack Russell and abuse it and make it bite and be aggressive. A slap on the hand or time out will not make thse two young thugs change. Just go to his facebook page and check out the language and pictures. It will literally make you blush and be in shock to see the language and his attitude hangs out all over the place.They need to be placed in a system that will scare the hell out of them and cause them to think twice before they harm another dog or human.

    • Avatar Of Sherri



      Martha, for your information, I’m black. And, yes, I have a pit bull. I also have a black lab, and a miniature dachshund. Many humans should be treated as well as my dogs. They sleep with me, eat better than some, have more toys than many, and they are loved, spoiled, and adored more than words can describe. I love pit bulls because they are sweet, loyal, smart, and compassionate souls. As are most dogs in general, from pure breds down to street mutts. Animal abuse comes in all forms….all races, genders, and socio-economic classes. The only thing abusers share is a spirit of evil that does not discriminate. These heartless kids need punishment and intervention. Today, it’s a puppy. Tomorrow, it will be someone’s child.

  23. Avatar Of Sharon



    I don’t care if they are under age or not if you don’t do something about this they are nothing to y’all,and fine the parents of this damnkids also,make them wish they had never laid eyes on a dog. THIS CRAP IS GOT TO STOP NOW.

  24. Avatar Of Mere



    Where are the parents of these boys? Yes, I’m glad the boys are being held accountable but given the age of the boys, shouldn’t the parents also? This is why it’s important to pay attention to your children. Be nosy, see what they’re doing. It prevents sick things like THIS from happening. The parents could have intervened and perhaps put their children into counseling to find out why they have these types of behaviors. Makes me sick the way children seem to be left to run around and do whatever they want.

    • Avatar Of Kimber



      I agree…at the very least they should have noticed the pup was acting odd and questioned it. They either turned a blind eye or didn’t notice–that’s NOT a real parent.

  25. Avatar Of Maile



    I understand why people would want the same behavior for these boys, but I don’t think that would help at all. What these boys need is to be required to spend at least the next two years helping to rescue, care, bathe, feed and provide all necessary love and affection that an animal needs. If they don’t know how, they can sit in an animal shelter and keep coming every single day til they learn. These boys obviously have no idea what it means to show love and probably have not been shown love either. They need to learn somewhere and it should definitely be supervised, but I think the only way they will learn how to these dogs felt and to feel empathy themselves is to have to be an animals “everything”.

  26. Avatar Of Kimber



    The most disturbing part about this is that you KNOW it had happened numerous times before the video was done. The puppy, obviously STILL gentle after repeated abuse, DOES try to get away as soon as he grabs it…
    Pit Bulls get a BAD RAP. We have adopted adult abused/neglected pits that Still, despite all they went through, LOVE people and other animals. They are forgiving souls that were bred to LOVE PEOPLE. Abuse of ANY living creature is a crime against humanity and disgusting. To torture something that is ingrained to be a “nanny dog”, to love children, when you are a child is…well, I have no words. The kids have the makings of a sociopath.
    WHERE WERE THE PARENTS? What kind of Monsters are THEY? They either turned a blind eye or didn’t even notice.

    I was one of the people who shared the video and encouraged others to report it. Four of our five rescue dogs came from people hitting the share button on Facebook. This puppy’s life was saved by people hitting the share button. The share button CAN save lives…

    • Avatar Of Czeshirecat


      While agreeing with all the posts here, and having nothing against any breed of dog per se, I just had to be the truth nazi on this particular post and point out that pit bulls were not bred to love humans and be nanny dogs, they were bred to fight in dog fights. Link to wiki provided.

      • Avatar Of Zagama



        you are wrong when the breed was first bred , they were bred to hunt and as family dogs…(also as military dogs)you need to do some deeper research…..ignorance is bliss huh??????

        • Avatar Of Anonymous says:

          It is really a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us.
          Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Avatar Of Mary



    These disturbed boys need help and fast or their taste for violence will only grow. As for the dog, if it had bitten the boy who was abusing him it would have been another evil pitbull story, not an animal abuse story. And we wonder why some of these dogs become aggressive. Because this is how some of these dogs are treated from a very early age. It is a sad, sorry world we live in.

    • Avatar Of Kimber



      I agree! If he had been bitten, it would be a whole different ‘news’ story…missing the Important Facts. AND, letting the twisted kid know that if you abuse, your victim gets punished again via the system. This story could have had a very scary result. I’m hoping this saved some animals and people.

  28. Avatar Of Vicki Delheimer

    Vicki Delheimer


    I hope these two psycho disgusting idiots receive the same treatment as they did to this poor defenseless pup. Lock them up and throw away the key, AFTER beating the shit out of them!!! This makes me sick….and is why I love animals much more than I even like people!!! Hope the pup gets a wonderful, loving home…

  29. Avatar Of Abbs



    I will not watch this. The stills are disturbing enough. What is so wrong in these kids’ lives that they intentionally hurt, possibly try to kill a young animal of any sort? The puppy will find a home, I have faith in that.

    • Avatar Of Michelle



      I agree, I couldn’t bear to watch the video. What the hell is wrong with people today.

      I totally agree, if you see something, say something, do something about it. Don’t just come home and post about it. Step in or call the police.
      You could save a life one day.

  30. Avatar Of Karen Browning

    Karen Browning


    If these two juveniles aren’t punished accordingly, then they will probably grow up to be serial killers. A pat on the hand, or community work is not going to get the job done. No amount of counseling will even begin to help them. Throw them in the pen with some seriously angry adult pit bulls and show them what it feels like to be taken advantage of. I guess you can tell, I have ZERO tolerance for this kind of evil behavior.

  31. Avatar Of Danielle Seewaldt Lecomte

    Danielle Seewaldt Lecomte


    Bon matin j’espère que ces deux jeunes feront de la prison malgré leurs jeunes âges ou encore que d’autres jeunes leurs feront subir la même chose plus ou moins .

  32. Avatar Of Kathy



    Beat their asses!

  33. Avatar Of Betty



    I hope they ponish them and make them realize how horrible what they did truly was…. why do stupid humans think animals feel no pain…. that is the making of a serial killer….

  34. I wish these to evil teen agers were treated exactly the same way this poor dog was abused. What in the hell ever gave them the idea to do this and how many other times have they done the same thing? God please repair this poor dog and help find a loging home for him. AMEN

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