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21 Dogs That Swear They Didn’t Do It!

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Don’t you hate it when your dog bed just explodes out of nowhere? Or when the garbage can just tips over on it’s own? What about when the cat leaves a mess and then conveniently disappears when it’s time to clean up? These 21 dogs, who were clearly framed, can relate!

Take, for example, this dog that’s just as confused as you are about how this could have happened:

This adorable pup who was obviously cleaning up a mess the cat made:


Someone got thirsty #busted

A photo posted by Ev (@eveliinatahvis) on

This sweet pup who swears it just exploded!


Sometimes Eloise is bad 😳 (she’s hiding) #wasntme #imissmybed #wetoldyounottoleaveus #dogshaming

A photo posted by Cooper + Eloise (@kentuckycooper) on

This Beagle that swears it just jumped right out of the cabinet:

This sweet girl that was just holding onto your paperwork for safekeeping:

This precious duo that were concerned for your safety when their bed just exploded out of nowhere:

This Cocker Spaniel puppy that was just bringing you your shoes:


Busted – but got a nice taste or two first. Nov. 2015

A photo posted by champ bailey aka muzzletuff (@champbailey_da_pup) on

This cute little guy that begs you not to tell his friends that he let the cat groom him:

This smart boy that was simply trying to get his daily probiotics:


Dad’s trash is Beemo’s treasure #busted #yoplait

A video posted by Beemo🐾🅱Ⓜ️⭕️ (@beemothewestie) on

This Chorkie who was just trying to be helpful – he knows how much you hate doing dishes:


#hymy #smile #chorkie #mammanpoika #mamasboy #chorkiesofinstagram #jäikiinnipahuudenteosta #busted #😂

A post shared by Vippe (@_virvatuulia_) on

This handsome guy that’s trying to save the cat from those scary cucumbers:


Seems that Scooter is a fan of cucumbers…. #puppy #puppygram #baddoggy

A photo posted by Cassandra Hustedt (@sandy_singr1193) on

This little guy that swears he saw something moving in there:


Charlie fixed his own breakfast this morning! #baddoggy #snarfthechow #geniousdog

A photo posted by @gracious_lupita on

This sweet girl who just wanted to do a little light gardening

This Frenchie who was simply doing a little light reading:


Dog!!!!! Luckily only my spare Kahu’s book…ugh!!! #mapulehu #baddoggie #baddoggy

A photo posted by KumuH (@hafarden) on

This dog who’s made a terrible mistake… but it was totally worth it!

This guy that asks you to please skip the pickles next time you make him a sandwich:

This Cesky Terrier that would prefer it if you just stayed home next time:

This sweet boy that was clearly just looking in the fridge and planning to cook you a nice dinner:


😳 Busteddd!!! 3 am late night snackin 🍕 Boys gotta eat! 🍖 #twansta #hungry #dogstagram #sleepwalking #busted #happy #foodie

A photo posted by 🐶 Anthony Schwartz 📸 (@twanstathemonsta) on

This sweet little fella that must’ve been so scared when that tissue box exploded!

This cutie that says your evidence is circumstantial:

This Pug that was totally gonna clean that up:

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