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22 Tons of Fake Beef Seized in China

If poor quality control, shoddy food safety standards, and the overwhelming potential for contamination isn’t reason enough to avoid feeding your dog a food made or sourced in China, hopefully this will finally convince you.

This week, police in the Xi’an province of China seized about 20,000 kilograms (that’s over 22 tons!) of fake beef from a local manufacturing plant. The “beef” was actually made from pork, a lower quality, cheaper meat, that had been treated with chemicals – including paraffin wax (candles, anyone?) and industrial salts, to give it the appearance of real beef.

To date, 6 different workshops that were creating the fake beef have been located and shut down, but not before at least 1,500 kilos (that’s 3,000 pounds) of the stuff had been sold and served at local markets.

And, who knows how much of that has ended up in our dog’s food.

Pork is generally not recommended as a main protein source for dogs due to the fatty nature and the risk for pancreatitis and/or trichinosis (intestinal roundworms) if not properly processed.

Meat-related crimes are nothing new in China. Medical Daily reported that authorities have arrested 904 people for “meat-related offenses” in the past three months. Included in these arrests was one ring of meat crooks who made over 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) by selling rat, fox, and mink meat at markets.

One of those arrested used at least 10 tons of rat, fox, and mink meat, treated it with gelatin, carmine, and nitrate, then sold it as lamb to unsuspecting consumers and manufacturers.

Beef and Lamb are both major meat ingredients in dog foods, trailing behind chicken as the most popular meat ingredient.

Please, folks, check your pet food label, find out where it’s made. Call the manufacturer and find out where their ingredients are sourced. If they aren’t completely transparent and forthcoming, find a manufacturer that is. Your dog’s life could depend on it.





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