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Behavior therapist and Master Trainer will discuss “The Native Language of the Domestic Dog”, explaining how your dog uses body language to communicate.

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Dianne And Striker
Dianne Sarasin and her dog, Striker

Dianne writes on a broad range of subjects for newspapers, magazines and journals, and continues to ensure her business clients are advantaged by her skills. Her ambition for her writing passion is on the subject of dogs. Visit her training blog, The Pee Press!

Dianne was profiled in “Progressive choices Ontario Women in Business “as having a blend of talent, skill and passion”.  Also featured in Dog-Sport magazine with her dog Tara and in Dogs of Canada.

Needless to say Dianne’s true passion is her love of dogs, which began at a young age.  Dianne would train her dogs or neighbor’s dog’s silly tricks as a child.  As quoted by Women in Business” her passion and skill with dogs is evident”. Dianne is a Behavior Therapist and a Master Trainer she has recently retired from her in home dog training business.

But not from dogs, she enjoys learning and teaching what she has applied and learned to help others succeed with their dogs. Dianne continues to progress in her passion for writing and her enthusiasm for educating owners about dogs.  Dogs have been my greatest teachers; they ignited a spark that will never die. When you have a wonderful relationship with your dog, that foundation will be expressed between you and your dog in all your days together.

Dianne explains, “My mission is to educate owners to see things from a dog’s perspective rather than a human’s perspective. This reduces and clears up misunderstandings between the species. This greatly reduces the amount of dogs being Surrendered, Abandoned or Euthanized due to behavior and creates a natural and appropriate human animal bond.”

Check out some of Dianne’s Professional Testimonials:

From Sue Sternberg:

Dianne Sarasin with “No More Scary Vet Visits” illuminates the benefits of working proactively to ensure pets experience stress-free veterinary visits. What so many of us take for granted, “No More Scary Vet Visits” by Dianne Sarasin has placed into sharp focus: the need to proactively assist our pets to feel relaxed during veterinary visits. I am so glad Dianne has put together this presentation!

“No More Scary Vet Visits” is a program that should be in the hands of every pet owner and every veterinary clinic.  A huge benefit for pets and veterinarians alike. “No More Scary Vet Visits” encourages pet owners to work proactively to assist pets into having a lifetime of stress-free veterinary visits.

Ali Brown is author of the famous Scaredy Dog and Focus not Fear.  She is a certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC)

“This should help dog owners to prevent so many of the issues around handling vet visits, socialization and manners….all good, common sense!”

Roger Abrantes PhD. is an Evolutionary Biologist and Ethnologist, known as the most versatile ethnologist in the world. Advisor on canine detection or narcotics and explosives.

Good, sound advice in a clear language. This is information that all pet owners should have from the moment they acquire their pets.

Brenda Aloff, Behaviorist and trainer, is the author of Aggression in dogs, Canine Body Language, Canine Behavior, Get connected with your dog. She also produced a canine television program.

Pet professionals often have a different viewpoint than that of the casual pet owner, and for a very specific reason – we see a much greater volume of animals. In addition to that, when we are seeing your pet, the pet is out of its normal environment – the one it is used to! This can cause your pet to behave very differently than it might at home.

All of us want the same thing, though! Pets that are not over-stressed when placed in situations such as at the veterinarian’s office. I do not want dogs and cats to harm people when they become afraid – this is not a good experience for the pet, nor is it a good experience for the care-givers involved!

All of this grief can be alleviated by using common sense procedures and PREPARATION! My pets have always loved to go to the veterinarian, even if they were not always thrilled by the procedures. This wonderful video “No More Scary Vet Visits” by Dianne Sarasin, is the perfect solution. For anyone who has read my books, you know that I am a huge fan of preparing animals with all sorts of massage, body work and desensitization procedures, so that they are prepared for all of the situations that I am going to place them in. This video “No More Scary Vet Visits” is super, as it gives you detailed information and tips on making certain that you have fulfilled the obligation that you owe to your pet: preparing him or her so that a routine, but infrequent situation, such as veterinary care, becomes an excellent socialization experience.

Along with training exercises, she gives you great tips on how to handle situations that arise at the veterinarian’s waiting room, which can be hair-raising at the time! I love her advice on such items as preparing your dog to wear a muzzle ahead of time, so that all medical personnel AND you are safe. Excellent advice and in the process of preparing your dog for a routine veterinarian visit, you are also gaining training experiences and advice that will be helpful on a daily basis.

From Dr. Stanley Coren:

“Dianne Sarasin’s presentation “No More Scary Vet Visits” contains a lot of information that both dog owners and professionals will certainly find to be useful.”

From Temple Grandin:

Dianne Sarasin’s video contains practical tips for training your pet to cooperate during veterinary visits.  Taking the time to train your pet before a veterinary visit will reduce stress on both you and your animal.

Temple Grandin, PhD, Author
Animals Make us Human
Animals in Translation

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