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A Real, Live Superhero! Batman Delivers Lost Dog to Family Hundreds of Miles Away

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When a lost dog was found hundreds of miles away from home, a real, live superhero came to the rescue. This was a job for… Batman!

The Pet Resource Center in Tampa took in a stray dog back in January. Although the dog had a microchip, it took some time to track down the dog’s family hundreds of miles away in North Carolina. But, without the ability to get to Florida to bring home their dog, a superhero stepped forward to help.

In his specially-outfitted animal rescue Batmobile, Chris Van Dorn is not your average superhero. Better known as Batman, Van Dorn is the animal lover behind Batman4Paws, an Orlando-based non-profit that rescues and transports animals in need.

“We don’t have the ability to transport, so having someone like Chris with his 501(c)(3) to be able to just transport animals all over is amazing,” said Lauryn Postiglione, a program coordinator for the Pet Resource Center. “It gave [the dog] a way to get back to his owner and be able to be reunited and just be the happy dog that he is.”

Batman arrived in Tampa, his utility belt stuffed with treats, to pick up the lost pup and begin the hundreds-of-miles journey to North Carolina where he’d be reunited with his family.

This was just one of Van Dorn’s many very important missions. And, with the motto, “Til every cage is empty,” he plans to continue rescuing, transporting, and advocating for adoption. Dressing as Batman helps him to get his message out.

“You don’t have to have superpowers to give a dog a second chance and be that whole dog’s world. You save that one dog, you save that whole world entire for that one animal,” he said.

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