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After Losing His Buddy, Depressed Dog Finds Comfort in an Unlikely Friendship – with a Duck!

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A Corryton, Tennessee dog, depressed after the passing of his four-legged best friend, has found comfort in an unlikely friendship – a duck that just showed up one day and hasn’t left his side.

George the dog lost his canine buddy, Blackie the lab, two years ago this week. Since Blackie passed away, he’s been depressed, inconsolable with sadness.

George’s human parent, Jacquie Litton explained to WVLT-TV, “He’s almost died twice. He doesn’t eat. He starves himself, and he has anxiety. He has a multitude of skin conditions from chewing on himself.”

But last Monday Jacquie spotted an unusual visitor on her back porch, a duck who hasn’t left George’s side since the day he showed up there.

For almost two weeks now, George and his new web-footed friend have been inseparable. The duck sleeps in George’s bed and rests his bill on George’s leg. Jacquie says it’s strange behavior from George, who doesn’t really like anyone outside of his family.

But, Jacquie explains, since the duck showed up and befriended George, the once solemn dog has been okay. He hasn’t whined, he’s stopped looking so sad. And, because the duck has brought happiness to George, she doesn’t mind making a few adjustments, including picking up duck droppings and investing in a tub for him to bathe in.

Jacquie says, “They’re totally different species and they found company and comfort in each other.”

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