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Amazing Stats On Gifts We Give Our Dogs

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You might be surprised how we spoil our pets and some of the statistics on gifts we give our dogs. Then again, if you are the proud owner of one or more dogs you already know this! I certainly go out of my way to provide my dogs with the best I can afford, and am always on the look-out for more and unusual play toys for them to add to their already large collection. Below are a few statistics you will find interesting. I find some of them quite hilarious!

Gifts we give our dogs

Fifty four percent of dog’s owners will shop for and buy their dogs a Christmas gift costing more than they will spend for a gift to their in-laws. (It’s probably not wise to let your in-laws find this out, however!)

Twenty eight percent will spend a larger sum of money for their dog’s gifts than for their spouses. (I find this statistic amazing. And quite possibly dangerous to the health of the gift-giver!!)

Ninety seven percent of dog owners will purchase at least one Christmas gift for their dog. (I guess the other 3% of owners believe the dog won’t notice.)

Forty seven percent will spend more for pet gifts than what they spend on relatives. (Makes perfect sense to me….)

Seventy one percent purchase a pet gift that is useful and practical for their dog. (But does the dog agree with that assessment?)

Eighty three percent of these dog owners will gift wrap the present while sixty eight percent say their dog unwraps the gift using his or her paws. (How do the dogs open the other 15%?)

I find these statistics somewhat amazing but this is what a major pet supply company has said surveys reveal. Gifts we give our dogs is certainly an economically huge business, but just as we all like to spoil our children and loved ones, why should our precious dogs be left out? They are members of the family as well. And it is not just at Christmas when pet owners buy gifts for their dogs. We do this when it is their birthday, when they have been sick, when we have been away from them for long lengths of time, and just to let them know how much we love them.

The gifts we give our dogs range from simple rubber chew toys to personalized doggy clothing and even jewelry. And people who do not own a dog but are close friends with someone who does have a pooch, often buy the dog a gift when they purchase a gift for their friend.

Today’s dog is certainly much better off than at any time in history. The selection of gifts we give our dogs is only limited by your imagination, so take a look at your family friend, companion, and protector, and come up with a special unique gift for them this Christmas!

What do you buy for your dog? Please leave comments below.

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