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5 Apps Every Dog Owner Should Have on Their Phone

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If you’re a pet parent and a smartphone user, you’ve probably browsed your app store for dog-centric apps, only to be overwhelmed with the enormous variety available. From pet first aid, to dog park locators, and schedule keepers, there’s an app for everything. But, not all apps are created equal!


And, since you’ve got to keep plenty of space your phone storage for the hundreds of snapshots of those gorgeous furkids, you only want to install apps you’ll actually use.

That’s why we dug deep and found the 5 coolest and most useful smartphone apps that every dog owner should install and use:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) App:

With quick access to potentially life-saving information and the Animal Poison Control Center hotline 24/7/365, the ASPCA APCC app helps keep your pet safe year-round. Instantly find out which substances are poisonous for your pets (not just dogs – this app applies to cats, birds, and horses, too!) and what to do if they’re exposed. If your dog ingests chocolate or rat poison, use the interactive app to quickly discover if they quantity and type ingested requires a trip to your vet.


Available for iPhone and Android.


Barkily is the ultimate dog management app allowing you to store all your dog’s important information – in addition to basics for each dog in your family, store and track vaccination records, prescription information, lab test results, medical history and more. Set veterinary or grooming appointments and get reminders when vaccines are due. Plus, locate local pet service providers all in the palm of your hand and totally free.

More than just a management app, add the Barkily Smart Dog Tag (it’s free, too!) to your dog’s collar. More than just an ID tag, the smart tag will not only help reunite you with your dog should he become lost, it also makes it easy to provide veterinarians, groomers, dogsitters, and specialists with your dog’s vital information with a quick scan of his unique tag.


Available for iPhone and Android.


Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? The BringFido app gives you free on-the-go access to pet-friendly information worldwide. In addition to finding and booking pet-friendly hotels, find nearby attractions, upcoming dog events, and local resources such as dog walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and pet supply stores. And, read and leave reviews for other dog lovers hoping to bring Fido along, too!


Available for iPhone.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.

Includes on-the-spot first aid for dogs and cats as well as a locator for the nearest veterinarians or pet-friendly hotels, preventive care advice, symptom checker, and more.


Available for iPhone and Android.

Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax:

Turn your dog walks into support for your favorite local animal organization! Simply use this free app every time you walk your dog. Walk for a Dog tracks and map your walks, making a donation to your favorite rescue or shelter for each. Create fitness goals for both you and your dog, and help other animals along the way!


Available for iPhone and Android.

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  1. Avatar Of John Hall John Hall says:

    Have a look at 'Bark'n Mad – Barking Dog – Monitor & Control' on the Apple app store. It addresses the common issue of "Is your dog barking while you are out?". The app store link is There are thousands of happy users.

    The Author

  2. You forgot the Dog Decoder app about how to Read dog body language

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