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Are You Wearing Dog Jewelry?

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Are you a dog owner who enjoys wearing dog Jewelry? It may surprise you to know many dog owners and even those people who do not own a dog but like dogs, wear this jewelry. People who do not own or possibly don’t like dogs would probably find this behavior strange, but they do not understand the connection between a dog owner and his pooch. There is a bond formed that lasts for many years, and in some cases an entire lifetime between a favorite dog and their owner. When you are wearing dog jewelry it is a public display of how you feel about your best buddy.

This concept of man designing, producing, and wearing dog jewelry dates back at least to the age of the Pharaohs of Egypt. It was recognized that dogs were animals of complete loyalty, protective of their owners and families, courageous, and very faithful. These qualities are greatly appreciated by modern man as they were by the early Egyptians.

The Anubis of ancient Egypt was looked upon with reverence. This figure was a god in the eyes of the ancient people of this time because they believed Anubis was the embalmer of the deceased and led the dead to the underworld. The statues and ancient paintings/drawings of Anubis show a man’s body with a dog’s head in place of a man’s.

This original concept was passed down as man associated the dog with masculinity and strength. This is why so many military units over the centuries have used the face of a fierce looking dog as their unit designation and patch. It also denotes the abilities of a dog to survive in very harsh conditions and to prevail when it appears all is lost.

Man has quite literally learned much from canines. And we have adopted these loyal companions as out protectors, companions, and into our families as members of the family unit. It is the admirable traits a dog naturally have that humans find so appealing. They do not condemn or judge a person even when we have treated them poorly. They are loyal to a fault, and offer unconditional love.

These are so many of the traits humans look for in other humans but often do not find. But they do find them in dogs, so to celebrate these canine characteristics we show our affection by wearing dog jewelry. Those who do not own a dog may not understand these feelings, but those of us who are dog owners understand exactly what I am saying.

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  1. Avatar Of Ameila



    I have seen some dog jewelry that I would not have minded wearing. There is so cute pieces available.

  2. Avatar Of Megan Megan says:

    I make dog and cat themed jewelry! I’m also a watercolor pet portrait artist. I love animals!

    • Avatar Of Amy



      Megan, how much do you charge for the portraits. We have 8 pups and I would love some semi pop art portraits.

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