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Ask the Trainer: Have You Considered Breed Specific Rescue?

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“I grew up with Labradors and want to get one now.  But I don’t want the work/time of a puppy and puppy mills are out of the question.  What do you suggest?” – Mary S.  

I am glad you wrote in with this question Mary, thank you!  I am a huge believer in adopting.  In this day and age, there is no reason to buy a puppy from a pet store or breeder.  My answer to anyone wanting to bring a dog into their home, is to visit a local animal shelter.  There are so many deserving dogs waiting to find a family.

However you asked about a specific breed.  Many people want a certain breed, which is the most common reason why people needlessly buy a puppy.  I say needless, because you can adopt a dog of any breed, there is no reason to buy.  

People have an affinity for certain breeds for many reasons: they like the look, that breed has genetic characteristics/attributes they want, or they have fond memories of growing up with that breed.  Whatever your reason for wanting a certain breed of dog is, skip the breeder and pet store puppy mill dog.  Instead, choose a Breed Specific Rescue (BRS).  

You do not need to overpay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a puppy.  Puppies are cute, but there is no way around it…they are A LOT of work and time.  Since you said you don’t have time for a puppy, save yourself stress, time/energy to clean up accidents, avoid chewing of furniture, and overall high energy.  Instead, adopt a 6+ month old dog of your desired breed.

If you have your heart set on a specific breed of dog, adopt a dog from a Breed Specific Rescue.  BSR’s are experts of that particular breed.  This allows them to find the perfect dog for your family and lifestyle.  

Most rescue dogs are already housebroken, know basic obedience commands, are up-to-date on vaccinations, and even microchipped.  These are not only huge financial savings, but also save you time and energy (our most limited resources).

How do you find a BSR?  Simple, Google it.  If I was looking for a Goldendoodle or Labrador in my area, I will search: “Labrador Rescue in New York”.  This returns several options near my area.

Breed Specific Rescues have dogs of all ages – ranging from puppies to senior dogs looking for a calm home to live out their twilight years.  So regardless of what age and energy level you want, a rescue will have it.  

So what does this all mean?  Find the perfect dog, while saving yourself a lot of money, time, stress, and most importantly…saving a very deserving dog.  This will provide you many years of happiness and a loving home for a dog who would otherwise not of had one.  

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1 Comment

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