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Belgian Malinois

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The Belgian Malinois, also called the Melchese Shepherd, is a breed of square dog that originated in Belgium. It belongs to the Herding breed family which is remarkable for their outstanding skills in controlling the movement of other animals. Belgian Malinois dogs have been bred to become cattle herding dogs, and police escorts. Their straight double coat is short and weather-resistant. Its colors usually vary from rich fawn to red, and mahogany to black, coupled with black markings.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Belgian Malinois breed normally stand a height of about 24 to 26 in, while bitches typically have a height of 22 to 24 in. Both of their weight is approximately 55 to 65 lbs.


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Belgian Malinois, in general, is a very intelligent, loyal, and obedient dog that belongs to one of the four popular Sheepdogs in Belgium. The breed is known to be determined, as well as observant, with a strong protective and territorial instinct. To keep them from becoming shy or to sensitive, owners have to socialize them well. Belgian Malinois dogs need a master who can be firm yet gentle at disciplining them. Owners have to be experienced, confident, and consistent with rules. Members of the Belgian Malinois breed usually make reliable police and guard dogs. This particular function is presently the breed’s main occupation. Belgian Malinois are very watchful and alert. They are generally excellent with children if properly socialized. They love human companionship so the breed should never be confined in a kennel. To keep them from becoming destructive, leadership, daily exercise, training, and interaction have to be constantly provided.


Belgian Malinois dogs are easy to groom. Brushing their coat on a weekly basis would already suffice their coat care needs. Because the breed tends to shed a lot, vacuum cleaning may become a lifetime commitment.

Health Concerns

Members of the Belgian Malinois breed is considered to be the sturdiest among the Belgian Shepherd dogs. Nonetheless, like any other canine, the breed is also likely to suffer from a few health complications. These include skin allergies, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and epilepsy. With proper care, diet, and exercise, Belgian Malinois dogs can live for as long as 10 to 12 years.

Best Environment

Malinois dogs are generally best suited for home-living with access to a moderately sized yard. They are tolerant with apartment-living provided that they get to receive enough exercise. The breed requires a spacious yard to meet their exercise needs and manage their very active lifestyle. Malinois dogs are relatively active indoors. They prefer cool climates; though can be adaptive with others.

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