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Benefits of Dog Toys and Treats

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If you have ever questioned the benefits of dog toys and treats, just remember this: dogs are like kids; they need something to focus their attention on, give them good fun and keep them busy, and at the same time improve their physical and mental skills. Toys and treats are the perfect solution for dogs that are so bored that they chew on anything and dig on every yard.

Most people think that dogs only know how to eat and sleep, but experts have a lot to say on dog intelligence, and that they have some thinking skills that are similar to that of some human thinking skills. For example, their studies have shown that dogs can learn many facial expressions, hand gestures and a lot of words. They can also learn from experiences and apply them to new situations, and they can also learn by imitation.

According to Dr. Stanley Coren from the University of British Columbia, the intelligence of a dog is somewhat similar to that of a two and a half year old human child. Dr. Coren is a well-renowned author of many books on dog behavior and reviewer of different dog studies. Also according to him, dogs have three kinds of intelligence: adaptive, instinct, and “working and obedience”. The latter can be achieved by training and could be the counterpart to human education and learning. There was a study done in which new commands were given, and how fast different breeds responded 95% of the time or greater. These breeds made it to the top list: Poodle, Border collie, German shepherd and Golden Retriever.

Constant chewing and digging are usually the sign of a bored dog. You see, similar to humans, when a dog has something to do (e.g. a job, sports, physical activity, exercise, etc.), they don’t think of what we consider destructive behaviors, whereas if a dog has nothing to do but sit, stand, and wander about alone, well, you know what will happen.

There is a company named Intellitoys that made solutions to keep dogs from getting bored – interactive toys for dogs. These toys are specially made and designed for canines to sharpen their senses and natural hunting instinct. It is kind of like those educational video games that were made for kids to learn about various topics, but in a fun and interactive way.

For smart dog toys, there is the Cagey Cube which is known to sharpen a dog’s eye-paw coordination skills, as they try to grab the toys from inside the cube. Another toy, the Dog Smart Dog Toy is a good toy for both the dog and the owner. It works by the owner holding the toy on his or her lap, showing the dog on how to push the blocks for the treats to come out. The Dog Turbo Dog Toy is yet another smart dog toy that enhances your dog’s intelligence, as the owner shows how the puzzle works and the dog tries to work his way through, obtaining treats as he progresses. There are many other toys like this you can get for your dog, such as the Intellicube, Snoggle, Bob-a-Lot and many more, all filled with rewarding treats for your dog. Hopefully these will keep Fido occupied while you are away, and not get bored.

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    I have gone through the blog post and I must admit it is very informative. I liked the writing style too. Keep up the good work and share more contents. Cheers!

  2. […] as I noted earlier, not all toys are suitable for every dog breed. As a labrador owner, you already know how labradors are vigorous chewers, this means that easily destructed toys sometimes survive […]

  3. […] Dogs have the intellect of a two and a half year old toddler, and their brains need to be stimulated or else they could develop problem behaviors out of frustration. If you find that your dog has been constantly chewing and digging, they could need more stimulation. […]

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    Thanks for this article. It is very important to pick right toy for the dog. We should have few of them and rotate them on daily basis. Dogs are somewhat like kids. If they have nothing to do they will get into mischief. Smart dog toys not only keep dog occupied for a while, but also boost his ability in problem solving. Once more thanks for this article.

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