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Black-Owned Pet Businesses To Support On Juneteenth and Every Day

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Juneteenth is a day to commemorate the ending of slavery in the U.S and celebrate those who have paved the way towards freedom and equality for all. These are some founders of black-owned pet businesses who have shown that they can thrive in the pet industry and in any space. Through their determination and passion, these founders have created pet products that improve the lives of pets and pet parents everywhere. 


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Photo credit: PetNmind

PetNmind is a holistic pet food and supply store based in Coconut Creek, FL. Adrian Archie has always been in tune with animals and once had dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Upon realizing that his cat, Rocko, was growing ill from the pet food he was being fed, Adrian launched PetNmind to help guide pet parents through their dog’s and cat’s diet. PetNmind is devoted to providing the most appropriate holistic nutrition from trusted pet food brands and specializes in personalized guidance for pet parents. They also offer membership-based pet hygiene services and most recently began offering small format franchises.

We asked Adrian: What does Juneteenth mean to you? 

“Juneteenth symbolizes responsibility to me. Responsibility to my ancestors who endured and survived slavery only to have to endure another 100 years of Jim Crow,” he said. “Becoming the first black-owned company in the pet industry that is also franchising is not for my ego or vanity. Instead, it is a living and breathing representation of what my ancestors marched, bled, and died for. Their legacy allows me the opportunity to be audacious in everything I set out to do. I owe them my blood, sweat, and tears at a minimum.”

Sir Dogwood

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Photo credit: Sir Dogwood

Chaz Olajide grew frustrated when having to scatter the internet for the best dog wear products, so she decided to create her own online shop to include just that. Sir Dogwood is a black-owned pet business based in Chicago that curates quality dog wear and accessories from innovative designers in the US and abroad. You’ll find everything from harnesses by Wild One to premium sweaters by Cote A Cote. Best of all? A portion of Sir Dogwood’s monthly sales are donated to One Tail At A Time, a Chicago non-profit whose mission is to end pet homelessness. Sir Dogwood is staffed by a small but mighty team of dog-obsessed women who are committed to offering top notch customer service to dog parents and their pups.

Homescape Pets

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Photo credit: Homescape Pets

Homescape Pets is a black-owned pet business based in Austin, TX offering limited-ingredient natural pet supplements, CBD pet products, and natural pet treats. Marcus and Nana Pfeifer sought out to create a way to keep pets healthy in a natural and affordable way after losing their first dog to cancer. When they couldn’t find the clean, preservative-free supplements and treats that they were seeking for their new dogs, they created them. Now they are helping pet parents naturally address the most common health issues that dogs and cats face: anxiety, joint issues, and inflammation.

“It’s important that Juneteenth does not become a day that’s simply performative,” said Nana Pfeifer, cofounder of Homescape Pets when asked about Juneteeth. “In the wake of 2020’s protests and the ensuing anti-racism conversations, we saw lots of symbolism but not a lot of lasting inclusivity and change. I wish for and actively work for that change.”

Pfeifer wants to show pet parents that black-owned businesses are thriving in the pet wellness industry. To do this, they are working to level the playing field and connect with other POC brands to help amplify their voices. “This is a long road and we’re here to walk it step by step,” she said. 

5 Element Food Therapy

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Photo credit: 5 Element Food Therapy

5 Element Food Therapy is an Oakland based black-owned pet business born out of the love of a 13 year old dog named Hoochie. Sharon Felice started 5 Element Food Therapy after Hoochie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a life expectancy of only 60 days. Sharon decided against chemotherapy and instead consulted Dr. Anne Reed, a Certified Holistic Vet, to explore acupuncture as a way of making Hoochie’s remaining days more comfortable. Dr. Reed’s treatment recommendations included a fresh food diet infused with Chinese herbs in addition to her regular kibble. Hoochie’s 60 days turned into 90, then 120 – and thriving on her new diet, Sharon and Hoochie played together and cuddled with each other for 9 months.

Hoochie’s successful life-extending treatment inspired Sharon to share the health benefits of fresh food supplements. In 2016, she asked Dr. Reed to partner on a new endeavor. Together they created 5 Element Food Therapy, a line of whole food supplements based in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to help eliminate chronic disease and nourish the bodies of pets, companions and best friends everywhere.

Dogue Spa

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Photo credit: Dogue Spa

Dogue Spa is a Los Angeles based dog grooming spa offering a unique, high end salon experience to you and your four legged best friend. Joshua White and Mehdi Elias joined together to create the highest level of excellence in dog grooming and styling. The star of the spa is Snow, Joshua’s female poodle, who has become a driving force behind Joshua’s success. This black-owned pet business serves celebrities and influential personalities in fashion, music, and television, but every pet parent is welcome to spoil their dog. Most recently, Dogue is working on launching its own signature dog apparel and accessory line.

Trill Paws

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Photo credit: Trill Paws

Pet wear meets pop culture at this Los Angeles based pet accessory and lifestyle brand. Rachel Jones combined her love for dogs and fashion to create pet accessories that are fun and stylish. Now she runs her own black-owned pet business to transform boring pet ID tags into fun pet accessories that pet parents will want to put on their cats and dogs. Her designs are inspired by iconic figures and sayings to keep up with the latest trends as they come.

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