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Boston Bombing Survivor & Her Service Dog Kicked Out of TJ Maxx Store

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Sydney Corcoran was seriously injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The teenager suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the bombing that left her seriously injured and lying in a hospital near her mother, Celeste, who lost both legs in the deadly explosion.

In order to lead a normal life, the 19-year old survivor relies on her service dog, Koda.

“He’s crucial to my everyday life,” Sydney told NewsCenter 5.

So, it was shocking to the teen when the manager of a Nashua, New Hampshire T.J. Maxx store told her that she needed to either put her service dog in a shopping cart or get out of the store.

“He had on his service dog vest — bright blue, says ‘service dog’ all over it,” Sydney explained.

Shaken, Sydney left the store in tears and called her mother.

The store manager apologized but, Celeste says, that’s not good enough.

“There are so many people with invisible, silent injuries,” Celeste Corcoran told NewsCenter 5. “And the public needs to be aware that their service animals are sometimes their lifeline.”

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  1. Avatar Of Maris



    This is what happens when establishments hire un-educated people to save $$.

  2. Avatar Of Beth



    So I am boycotting T J Maxx, and Walgreens for this

  3. Avatar Of Ingrid Feder

    Ingrid Feder


    Sometimes an apology is just not good enough, although it is good that the manager recognized her error. (Did she? Or did it only occur to her after the story became public?) In any case, she needs to either lose her job now or be given some serious consequences – suspension with a notation placed in her file that one more transgression will cost her her job. Too many people are selfish and thoughtless. Unless something has happened to them, they are oblivious and just don’t care. Serious consequences are the only thing that will change that, hopefully.

  4. Avatar Of Vivien Vivien says:

    That is so nasty of the store manager, doesn’t she recognize service dog? she is such a moron, and should be fired for being insensitive to the needs of a handicapped, turn the table around, and see how she feels if she will be treated the way she treated the girl and her dog!!

  5. Avatar Of Mona Brock Mona Brock says:

    I have a severe dog for PTSD and I carry hand out with me if any one trys to stop me from going in there store or tryvto have us leave I can hand them a card on this card also has a phone number on it to turn them in and they will be fine please share this with this young girl

  6. Avatar Of Lynne Bowbeer

    Lynne Bowbeer


    I don’t see a picture of the dog but I suspect he is a little dog if he can fit in the cart. I am sorry this girl had a problem but people all over are putting these vests on their dogs and trying to pass them off as service dogs. They are getting to fly their dogs free and have them in restaurants even though they are not actually service dogs. The regulations need to change because of the abusers of a good idea.

    • Avatar Of Violet



      It shouldn’t matter what size the dog is… it is a service dog and does not require being put into a cart.

      As far as abusers of the system, here, owners of service dogs are given certificates and letters to prove that they are service dogs. It’s no against the law to ask to see those, so I’m not sure how people are getting away with abusing the system. Maybe it’s just where I’m from.

    • Avatar Of Bethann



      All it takes is $60 and saying you need the animal for mental health reasons. Well maybe you do if your doing this.

  7. Avatar Of Kelly



    That store manager needs to be fired for what happened

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