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Boxer Breed Interesting Facts

The Boxer dog breed is a dog of many fine qualities enjoyed by dog owners worldwide. Many people I know have owned Boxers, and I have found them to be a friendly, very playful dog with excellent intelligence. Easy to train and great guard dogs; the Boxer dog breed has a very loyal following with many dog owners never considering any other breed of dog to own. Let’s look at a few of the interesting characteristics these fine canines have.

The Boxer dog breed has an average lifespan of 15 years, and with quality, all natural diets combined with plenty of exercise, this can be extended. The average male Boxer will weigh 60 to 80 pounds while the females weigh-in about twenty pounds less.

All dogs have a distinct sensing ability they rely on, and for the Boxer this is his hearing. This breed has very acute hearing abilities, and this is their first line of defense when stranger and other animals enter their turf. The ears are small and erect adding to this ability to hear better than most other breeds.

If you are in the market for a dog and plan on keeping it outside year round, please pass on buying a Boxer because they are not able to tolerate temperature extremes very well. Inside your home is where a Boxer must be kept so they are warm during winter and cool during the summer. This is due to their very short coat of hair and the short muzzle. All dogs with short muzzles have difficulty breathing in hot, humid weather and should be kept in a cool environment when the temperature rises.

Color markings for Boxers are normally brown to light tan with small white areas on the chest and feet. One of the more highly sought after Boxers is the brindle. These dogs are tan with dark stripes much as you see on wild tigers. Also very rare are the all-white Boxers.

These dogs have a pronounced square head and very square jaw line. They are muscular and when exercised regularly their muscles are well defined and add to the over-all beauty of the dog.

Be prepared to deal with a very playful canine should you bring a Boxer into your home. They love to play with other dogs as well as their owners. As their name suggests they like to rear up on the hind legs and “punch” with the front paws.

The Boxer dog breed will make a great pet and protector of your home and family.




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