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Boykin Spaniel

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The Boykin Spaniel, also known as the Swamp Poodle, is a breed of dog that originated from the United States. It belongs to the sporting breed group that typically makes up a comely companion. The Boykin Spaniel generally comes in medium size and dons varying shades of brown coat. They are basically bred for the purpose of hunting and retrieving.

Height and Weight

Male members of Boykin Spaniel normally weigh 40-45 lbs. with an ideal height of 15 1/2 – 18 in at the withers. Bitches, on the other hand, are smaller. They usually have a 25-35 lb weight and a 14 ½ – 16 in height at the withers.


Boykin Spaniel

The Boykin Spaniel is known to be a friendly, social breed. As a rule, they do best in a family setting where there are lots of outdoor activities. They can be easily trained and tend to be enthusiastic to work. They are highly steady around children and other dogs. The Boykin Spaniel can be extremely energetic with immense endurance to keep them up throughout the day. In fact, their breed have pronounced energy reserves that let them outlast you in any vigorous activity you pick. Boykin Spaniels are very adaptable to various environments given that they get to receive enough opportunity for social interaction as well as regular exercise. Also, the members of this breed tend to not be easily angered. Rather, they have the tendency to be eager to please and become friendly. Generally, Boykin Spaniels love attention.


Grooming Boykin Spaniel is easy. They normally have shorter and lighter coat as compared to most spaniels. More often than not, owners keep their coat short if their Boykins are to be used for field activities. Such coat can vary from flat to somewhat wavy. It is regularly brushed, and may be trimmed around the head, ears, throat, or paws.

Health Concerns

Most members of Boykin Spaniel are predisposed to hip or elbow dysplasia. Their breed is also prone to suffer from other conditions such as eye problems, slipped kneecaps, thyroid and endocrine troubles, cardiac ailments, and some exercise-induced collapse. Boykin has an average life span of 14-16 years.

Best Environment

Boykin Spaniels may find it hard to adapt to apartment living. Although their size may make it acceptable, it is important to bear in mind that their breed requires exposure to the outdoors. Besides, they are extremely vigorous that they need plenty of daily exercise. As a matter of fact, running itself may not sustain his needs. It is highly advisable that they get to participate in many dynamic activities that allow them to make use both of their mind and body. Aside from that,  Boykin Spaniels commonly enjoy warm and humid weather.

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