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Canine Photography: Tips for Great Pet Portraits

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Taking pictures of your pooch is one of the most terrific ways to not only get wonderful photos of your furry friend but to sharpen your photography skills as well. But, if you’re anything like me, your pet photo sessions result in blurry shots, the backside of a dog running away, or an extreme close-up of a curious nose.

Like any other portrait-taking session, the initial step is for you to mentally visualize the end results you want to accomplish. With a clearly defined idea in your mind, it will be easier for you to get a remarkable shot of your dog. Be patient and you will get the shot that you so desire.

How to Capture Beautiful Pictures of Your Dog

· Use natural lighting conditions. Whenever possible, always make use of natural light when you take pictures of your dog. Avoid flash as its burst may not only cause red-eye but may also frighten your pooch. Try going outside or using a room well lit by a large window.

· Schedule your photo session. Plan the session especially if you long to get a formal portrait shot. Plan the shoot for when Fido’s a little sleepy or has just woken up. This way, it will be simpler to keep him still. Now, if you want to get a more dynamic shot, try arranging for a time when he’s energetic.

· Get Fido’s perspective. Always try to make your pet comfortable. Instead of forcing Fido to come to you, just go to him. More importantly, try showing your viewers the way your pooch sees the world by getting down to his level. We are used to looking our dogs as we view them from above so try sitting on the floor or lying on your belly in order for you to capture that profound outlook from your dog’s eye level.

· Keep his eyes sharp and go macro. In any type of portrait, having sharp eyes is very important. Like in humans, an animal’s eyes can be very expressive. Because the “eyes are the window to the soul”, ensure that you are able to focus on your pooch’s dramatic eyes. Also, go macro by using that long lens so his face and fur fills the frame. Remember that close-up shots usually make lovely portraits.

· Give value to his personality. You know your dog better than anyone else in this world. Make use of this advantage by taking photos of him that reveal his distinct character. If your pooch is the playful type, try showing him in action as he performs his favorite trick; if he’s kind of lazy then try showing him as he yawns.

· Play an easy trick. Because it may be difficult to make your dog hold still as you take a picture of him, try an easy trick that will allow you to capture him while he’s in a good, alert posture. Try surprising him by letting him play quietly and then having someone whistle or call for him. This will catch Fido’s attention, giving you a few seconds to take the shot.

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  1. Avatar Of Tamar



    Or take a video and clip out the best frame for a pic using an app like VidTrim

  2. Avatar Of Carole



    Use an SLR camera with high speed shutter and take lots of shots then pick the best.

  3. Avatar Of Dog Artist dog artist says:

    Thanks for these great tips and one more thing that I would like to add is to be patient. Pet photography do require a lot of patience 🙂

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