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Canine Safety In the Modern World

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Your dog’s safety in the modern world is one of the issues all dog owners must deal with. This was not much of a problem many decades ago for the people who owned a domesticated canine. Sure, there were probably more wild animals to worry about attacking your dog, and when the dog became ill a local vet was not a short drive away, but compared to the modern dog owner these old timers had far fewer worries concerning the safety of their dogs. Providing for your dog’s safety in the modern world is more complicated, so let’s take a look at what we can do to ensure the health and happiness of our doggies.

Because dogs are so inquisitive they often get a hold of things they shouldn’t. This is especially true for puppies. It is how they learn about their surroundings and environment, and as their owners it is up to us to make sure items around the home we take for granted cannot be chewed or eaten by our dogs. Things we should keep out of our dogs reach include mouse traps of all types, scented candles, rubber bands, all types of home cleaning products and this includes those labeled as “pet safe”, because do we really know they are safe for our pets? Electrical cords, easily accessible open windows as well as open doors, ant and other insect traps, tape, paperclips, phone cords, computer cords and wiring, plastic bags, and during the holidays all the small ornaments and decorations your dog is sure to investigate because he or she has never seen them before.

Other things to watch out for when providing for your dog’s safety in the modern world include the area of your yard they visit to play, and do their business. This area must provide a safe and secure place for the dog so they cannot wander off. So many dogs are injured and killed every year due to being hit by a vehicle it is a real shame. I have suffered the sadness of this happening on two occasions, and while it was due to lack of judgment on my niece’s part in one instance, this does not lesson the hurt we feel when our dog has been killed due to negligence.

Always attach a identification tag to the dogs collar in case they get loose and when walking your dog never allow them off the leash.

Taking your dog’s safety in the modern world is our responsibility when we bring a dog into our homes so take all the precautions needed.

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    Melodie Mauldin


    I purchase Dogswell veggie life happy hips sweet potato jerk treats. I gave them to my black lab mix and she vomited that night wasn’t eating and 2 days later she was in the ER with hemolytic anemia and liver failure which the Vet said was caused by a toxin in something she ate. After 4 blood transfusion multiple medications she died 10 days later. I spent over $4000 in vet bills and lost my 6 yr old dog over what I believe was toxins in dogswell treats which were part if the recall. I’m currently trying to find who to contact in the class action lawsuit. If anyone has any information please reply to my email. Nothing can bring back Kuma and my broken heart but this has to stop!
    Melodie Mauldin

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    Je vais terminer de voir tout ça dans la soirée

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