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Celebrate Puppy Love at these Dog-Friendly Sonoma County Wineries

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If you’re looking for an ideal dog-friendly activity to endure on Valentine’s Day, we’ve scouted out the perfect, romantic, and pet-inspired journey.


When it comes to the “couple’s holiday,” most are focused on finding a stand-out date for their special someone that involves planning a trip or experience that involves wine (and if you’re smart, DOGS!). These top Sonoma County wineries encourage dog lovers to bring their furry friend along!

1. Coursey Graves – Coursey Graves is a hidden gem located high above the clouds, and the perfect fit for a visitor traveling with their dog. On the drive any dog would be sure to stick their head out the window to take in the sights of Coursey Graves estate vineyards and wine caves. At the summit this mountain paradise promises stunning views of Bennett Valley and an array of exceptional wines.

Credit: Coursey Graves Winery

2. Gustafson Family Vineyards – 1800 ft. above sea level, Gustafson Family Vineyards is home to some of the most spectacular scenes atop Dry Creek Valley. This dog friendly winery has panoramic views of Lake Sonoma and the Mayacamas mountains!  

3. Fulcrum Wines – Located just off historic Sonoma Plaza visitors traveling with their fury friends will find the treat that is Falcrum Wines. This dog-friendly winery boasts a calming atmosphere, surrounded by fountains and quaint walkways which will keep any pup relaxed while their owner sips from Fulcrums collection of well-balanced wines.

Credit: Fulcrum Wines

4. Mauritson Wines – Surrounded by over 300 acres of estate vineyards and plenty of sun-drenched lawn for a game of fetch, Mauritson Wines is the perfect place to explore with a furry best friend. Visitors can enjoy a lawn picnic and a laid-back tasting while their dogs take in the wonderful views of Dry Creek Valley.

Credit: Mauritson Wines

5. Christopher Creek Winery – Poolside wine tasting and a rustic tasting experiences are just some of the reasons Cristopher Creek Winery is a dog lovers dream. They also encourage visitors to pack a picnic lunch full of treats to enjoy on the winery’s patio with the rolling hills of the Russian River Valley!     

Credit: Christopher Creek Winery

6. Muscardini Cellars – Located off highway 12 in the heart of Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon, there is no shortage of fun and learning at Muscardini Cellars. Visitors can sneak a few pieces of their wine infused salami under the table for their pup, while they sip on traditional Italian-style wines in a historic red schoolhouse.

Credit: Muscardini Cellars

7. Meadowcroft Wines – Meadowcroft Wines’ tasting room is just as lovely as the name suggests! Dog lovers and their four legged friends have no shortage of smells to explore, as they sip through Meadowcroft Wines wonderful collection of wines. The outdoor lavender lounge and wine garden are great places to take in the fresh air and sunshine with a canine companion.

Credit: Meadowcroft Wines

8. Robert Young Estate Winery – Just minutes away from downtown Healdsburg, Robert Young Estate Winery invites you and your pup to experience their recently opened Scion House. Fury visitors can warm their paws on both the indoor and outdoor fireplaces or enjoy a game of tug-of-war on the winery’s expansive patio and lawn.

9. Kokomo Winery – With hip seating and a lush succulent patio, Kokomo Winery is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting with a furry best friend. Visitors have a good chance of meeting a certain four-legged greeter in Kokomos tasting room too.

Credit: Kokomo Winery

10. Benziger Family Winery – Benziger Family Winery is a playground for humans and hounds alike! Their vineyard tram tour educates visitors about the winery’s commitment to biodynamic farming. Visiting dogs may even befriend the wineries cattle, sheep, and chickens that aid in Benzigers organic farming process.

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