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‘Cheems’, The Viral Meme Dog, Passes Away At 12

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Balltze, more popularly known as the viral meme dog ‘Cheems’, has crossed the rainbow bridge at 12 on August 18, while undergoing surgery to treat cancer.

The beloved Shiba Inu from Hong Kong was undergoing his last thoracentesis surgery when he “fell asleep”, his owner wrote in an Instagram post announcing the pooch’s passing.

Balltze’s owner, Kathy, also revealed, “Originally, we wanted to arrange chemotherapy or other possible treatment for him after this operation, but it is too late now.”

She also told people not to be sad and to remember the joy Balltze, affectionately called “Ball Ball”, has brought to the world.

“A Shiba Inu with a round smiling face connecting you and me, he has helped many people during the pandemic and brought a lot of joy to many of you, but now his mission has completed,” she wrote.

“All of you have been very generous and helpful, and I’m truly grateful to all of you, your love and support to Ball Ball is so unconditional and I found that is the purest love in the world,” she continued.

She also had one ‘humble request’ to everyone who has shown nothing but love for her beloved pooch, “I hope he can continue to bring joy to everyone in the online world.”

“I believe he is running freely in the sky and having a lot of delicious food with his new friends. He will always be inside my heart.”

Kathy continued saying, “Having Ball Ball in my life is the best thing [that has] ever happened.”

Back in July of this year, Cheems’ owner sadly revealed the news that the pooch most likely had cancer. She said, “I was struggling to tell you the news, as I have not been able to accept it myself.”

Since then, Balltze has been undergoing cancer treatment. And his owner has been selling brass enamel pins and other merch of the pooch to help with the medical bills.

Now that Ball ball has crossed the rainbow bridge, Kathy said that the donation and all the money made from selling brass pins will now be donated to local animal charities.

Internet users have paid tribute to Ball ball and have left heartwarming messages for him.

One user wrote, “I was introduced to this legend through a meme trend. It’s hard to hear about his passing a few years later. He helped many people get through 2020 and so on. His meme trend will live on to honor his life and the joy he gave everyone through these memes. Sleep well king, you will be missed.”

Other users also wrote comments such as, “RIP buddy you brought a lot of people happiness.”, “Was Balltze a good boy? He was the best 😭❤️”, “Rest in love sweet Ball Ball, you were and are loved by billions all over the world”,

Cheems shot to fame back in 2019 after a photo of him looking unhappy went viral. Since then, his photo has been featured in countless memes that brought laughter to many hoomans.

He is known as a meme who liked cheeseburger, which it called ‘cheemsburger’. And he has also been in numerous “BONK” memes, and even has his own figurine of it!

Run free, Cheems! 🐶 We hope you are eating cheemsburgers to your heart’s content in doggy heaven! 🐾

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