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Community Searches for Killer After at Least 6 Dogs Die from Antifreeze Poisoning

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At least 6 dog owners have stepped forward after a recent report of a dog’s sudden death revealed he’d been poisoned with antifreeze. Now, dog lovers in the community of Big Bear are looking for answers and hunting for the killer.

When Sammi, a 1-year old German Shepherd suddenly fell ill on October 15, her family rushed her to the vet. Sadly, she did not recover and died two days later. Necropsy results showed Sammi’s cause of death was antifreeze poisoning.

While it’s not uncommon for dogs to be attracted to the sweet scent and taste of antifreeze, Sammi’s family say she was only kept indoors or in a fenced-in backyard and did not have access to the toxic chemicals, leading police to suspect she was intentionally poisoned.

Police began looking into other incidents of antifreeze poisoning in the area and discovered at least 6 other dogs that died in the same manner. Other reports found that suspicious treats soaked in antifreeze had been found in yards in the same area.

Anyone who believes their dog was intentionally poisoned by antifreeze or has information on who may be injuring animals was asked to call the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station at 909-866-0100.

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