Cure Doggy Bad Breath

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If the dog still has bad breath after a few brushes, look at his diet. Some of the dog food, especially wet, can smell really nasty! Try switching foods for a few days. If that doesn’t cure it, it is time to visit your vet.,

One good reason for brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis is the fact that over eighty percent of all canines over three years old have either mild or severe periodontal disease. Untreated, this disease will eventually lead to tooth decay, loss of teeth, weak gum, and a weakening of the bone structure in the dog’s mouth. The bacteria will also, over time if left untreated, work its way into the bloodstream. Once this has occurred this bacteria enters the vital internal organs and can eventually shorten the life of the dog. Studies have proven dogs who receive regular mouth care, including brushing the teeth and gums, live as many as five additional years.

Another way to help prevent bad dog breath is avoid feeding the dog table scraps. They are unhealthy, hard for the dog to digest, and can lead to serious health issues.

A bit of time spent doing preventive “maintenance” on your pooches teeth will cure bad doggy breath and extend the life of the dog.

Doesn’t your pooch deserve a fair chance of better health and a longer life? Please feel free to share this article with others.

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    Since feeding an all natural balanced raw diet, NO bad bad breath, very little to no brushing required

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