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What Dangers Can Arise While Traveling?

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A little planning in advance on what to do if your dog gets sick or injured can make it easier to handle the emergency should it arise.  Even better, it may help avert the incident in the first place.  What dangers can arise while traveling?  New people, places, and things can combine to create new challenges.  Kara Ogushi at highlights several problematic scenarios.  Just knowing the possibilities ahead of time may help you avoid these situations altogether.

What Dangers Can Arise While Traveling?

Depending on what kind of trip you’re planning with your four-legged friend, there can be many hidden dangers that your dog may run into:

Poisoning – Being bitten by a snake or another venomous animal, or ingesting dangerous plants or products.

Attacked by a wild animal or another dog – Unless the other animal is checked or caught, your dog can be exposed to many diseases, such as rabies, as well as suffer an infection from injuries.

Tick bites – Exploring new wooded areas can expose your pooch to dangerous ticks that can spread disease and sickness.

Electrocution – Not only can loose wiring spell trouble for your four-legged friend, but recent articles warn that your dog could get electrocuted just by urinating or standing in water near a power pole.

Seizures – An allergic reaction to something in the new environoment or ingesting something foreign can trigger a seizure.

Car Accident – If your dog isn’t feeling well, he may try to run away or jump out of the car. So if you are involved in a car accident or your dog is struck by a car, you need to ensure that your pet has the proper harness to keep him safe. You can also purchase a special seatbelt or a crate for your pooch.

Basic preparations before leaving include researching your destination, packing your dog’s medications, a first aid kit, his health certificate, and his medical file.  You can lessen the risk of a tragedy with a well trained dog that will obey your voice commands to avoid danger he may not understand.  To read the article on what dangers can arise while traveling in its entirety, click here.  Have you had an unexpected emergency with your dog while traveling?  How did you handle it?

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