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DNA Test Proves Dog Held Hostage by Animal Control is NOT a Wolf Hybrid

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Animal Control officials in Aurora, Colorado seized a senior dog and refused to return him to the family that has loved him for the last decade because, they said, he looked like a wolf-hybrid. Now 5 weeks later, DNA test results prove what his owners say they’ve known all along – their dog is not a wolf.

The Abbato family adopted Capone from the Adams County Animal Shelter nearly 10 years ago where he was listed as a German Shepherd mix. For a decade, Capone has been a member of the family, sleeping in the family home, playing with his canine brothers, and living a wonderful life with the only family he’s ever known.

Five weeks ago, Capone escaped his backyard. Aurora Animal Control picked him up on the day he escaped. But, when the Abbatos came to collect him from the shelter, they were turned away. Animal Control officials said that based on his appearance, mannerisms, and behavior, they suspected Capone was part wolf and refused to return him until DNA tests proved otherwise.

Now, the DNA results are in and they confirm that Capone is 100% dog with not even a small percentage of wolf in his genetic makeup. But, due to pending litigation, he remains at the shelter for a few more days.

Capone’s owner, Tracy Abboto is facing violations of animal running at large, keeping an aggressive animal and keeping an exotic/wild animal. A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at which time a judge will hear the case and make a decision about pending charges and Capone’s right to return home.

“Poor guy… I don’t know what he was going through in there but I’m sure he’ll be so excited to come home and see us and his furry brothers,” Abbato told FOX31. “I just want him to come home now. It’s time for him to come home.”

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  1. Thus is ridiculous. Give Capone back to their owners, dropped the stupid charges and stop trying to get more money out if these people.

  2. That's our government…..hard at work. I hope the owner sues the daylights out of not just Animal Control but the government employees that are changing release requirements to cover their arses.

  3. Avatar Of Elizabeth Mcfarland

    Elizabeth McFarland


    Even if he was a wolf hybrid, he has been in the same home for all those years and is a senior. Animal control is getting way too big for their britches at times. I have a hybrid and she is part red wolf and collie. I have never had a smarter, more loyal, Angel around me even with all the furkids I have had during my 65 years. My Pomeranian is more aggressive than a wolf at any time. Come to my house and lets see how many Animal Control Achilles tendons Gabriel can rip out before they can get close to Angel. She would bark first, then go hide. Wolves are timid, not aggressive, and I am so fed up with trophy hunters and big ranchers hyping it up that they are aggressive. GEEZ, mess with my furkids and I will unleash the hounds of hell on the person messing with my furkids, and be that person would be wishing it was my furkids coming after them.

  4. Avatar Of Gail Marceaux

    Gail Marceaux


    I agree with everyone who has commented beforehand. There is no reason to hold this DOG now that the shelter's fears have been proven unfounded. They are just trying to "save face" by continuing to harass the owners with those charges. He got out, he got picked up, it happens all the time. The owner pays the fee for the impounding and the dog GOES HOME! If he is acting somewhat aggressive, based on what I've read so far, it is in all likelihood in response to the way he is being treated. Can you just imagine what these cretins at the shelter (a term I use very loosely) put him through to get the DNA sample?

  5. Avatar Of Joseph



    I hope the owner sues the shot out of the county for false imprisonment its funny now DNA proves what owner said all along. So now they want to change her for the dog escaping and a few other charges. Sounds to me the county is hurting for money and will do anything to collect

  6. Avatar Of Catarina Timglas

    Catarina Timglas


    And now suddenly when they've got the result from the DNA test, they won't let the dog come home???… I'm speechless!!!

  7. Avatar Of Diane Bender

    Diane Bender


    All they have is running at large since he is not an exotic nor did he bite anyone. Sometimes you put a uniform on someone and give them a little authority and the total a-hole in them comes to the surface.

    • Avatar Of Sandie Abel

      Sandie Abel


      Some stupid humans just *have* to be right, even when they are 100% wrong. I can think of a few politicians who fit this bill.

  8. Avatar Of Georgia Foster

    Georgia Foster


    Where dud common sense go? Once DNA confirmed, he should have been released immediately!!!! Why has doing the right thing gotten so complicated.?

  9. Avatar Of Georgia



    Where dud common sense go? Once DNA confirmed, he should have been released immediately!!!! Why has doing the right thing gotten so complicated.?

  10. Avatar Of Delores




  11. Avatar Of Nancy Sellars

    Nancy Sellars


    This is so not right. Capone should be released now since the DNA results are satisfactory. I don't trust animal control. They have been known to euthanize dogs who should not have been.

  12. Avatar Of Tony



    Non animal control
    Tax dollars wasted
    Hope family sues BIG TIME

  13. Avatar Of Marlena Markell



    Sometimes I am hard pressed to believe we have such petty stupid people running this planet. So what if he was a part wolf. We have had and been around many wolf hybrids. They are not dangerous – actually they are pretty wussy. people are really into wives tales in this country – well, they are all in for zombies so I guess you can see the mentality.
    let the DOG go home…..

  14. Avatar Of Kelly Sifford

    Kelly Sifford


    This is BS. The dog should be released immediately and all charges should be dropped.

  15. Avatar Of Chandler



    Government gone WILD. They need a DNA test to ensure they are not a-holes !

  16. Avatar Of Pat Cline Pat Cline says:

    Why won't they let them pick him up, because he was picked up. Stuff happens, he got out, from what I have read did not do anything wrong. People just like to start stuff and then make it hard for the owners. Give me a break – let him go back home – he is an older dog and needs to be with people who love him not some dumb arse people making his life miserable.

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