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Do Dogs See in Color?

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Yes, like us, our dogs can see in color. However, their perception of various colors is not exactly the same as it is for humans. As a matter of fact, dogs can’t distinguish between yellow, orange, red, or green. But, they can see a variety of shades of blue, and can even tell between very closely related tones of gray that are not normally discernible to people. To put it simply, dogs can see in color; only that the colors that our four-legged friends see are not rich as what you and I usually see.

The Reason Behind Your Dog’s Color Limitations:

Our eyes and those of our pooches generally consist of cones, or special light catching cells that respond to color. Because dogs have fewer cones as compared to humans, it suggests that their perception of color is not as vivid or as penetrating as ours. Nevertheless, the key to color vision is not only dependent on having these special lighting cells. Having many different kinds of cones, each set to different light wavelengths, is also vital to seeing color. We have three different types of cones, and the dynamics of these cells give us our rich, full-range, and intense color vision. Dogs, like many people with so called “color-blindness” have only 2 types of these cones.

The Research:

Jay Neitz of the University of Carolina tried to test the color vision of canines. For several test trials, dogs were presented with three different light panels in a row; two of which come in the same color, while the third panel was different. The dogs’ objective was to look for the one that was not the same as the others and then to press that panel. If the dog subject was correct, he was then immediately rewarded with a treat that the workstation dispensed to the cup underneath that panel.

The researcher confirmed that pooches actually see color. However, its many fewer colors as compared to normal people do. To be more specific, instead of seeing the rainbow as ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet), dogs see a very dark gray, darker yellow (kind of brown, light yellow, gray, light blue, and dark blue. In other words, dogs only see the colors of the world as essentially gray, blue, and yellow.

How to Make it Easier For Your Dog:

The VisionSmart ball for dogs is made with high contrasting white and dark purple color blocks, making it easier for dogs to see.

Oddly enough, many dog toy manufacturers don’t take this limited color vision into account when designing toys for dogs. For a dog, the bright red ball you’ve just tossed for them to fetch has essentially disappeared into the bright green grass – both colors which appear brownish or gray to your pup. Luckily, they can usually find it using their exceptional sense of smell. (Do you ever notice your dog finding toys with his nose instead of his eyes? That’s why!)

To make it a little easier on your pet to find the ball you’ve tossed for him, try to find toys specially colored for dogs’ limited color vision. Find a toy or ball with highly contrasting colors, like bright white and deep purple – colors seen most vividly to dogs, and you’ll see he has a much easier time finding it in the grass.

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  1. Perhaps someone can explain why dogs chase after me when I’m riding my bright orange bicycle. Dogs usually love me! I’ve never experienced any reaction like this when riding my blue or red bike. This really has me puzzled and makes me wonder what colors dogs really do see. I’ve been riding a bike for 40 years but have never been chased by a dog until I recently bought this orange bike. Even when I pass by a dog, it barks like it wants to attack me. Could an orange bike be like waving a red flag in front of a bull?

  2. Avatar Of Albert



    Hey hey hey! In the wild, to survive in the wild, dogs needed to be abled to SEE blood AS WELL as smell it! My dog ( your average standard poodle ) can and does see red, orange, and purple! As an optometrist, I am in a rather “unique” position where I can “test” my dog’s eyes. I found that the inside of my poodle “Tillie’s” eyes contains ALL THREE types of color deciphering reflective cones, and in surprisingly high concentration! However, my pug-poodle mix, “Rupert” has only 2 types of reflective cones.M poodle LOVES the colors red, violet, and purple. My pug-poodle mix pays little attention to colors. So, at least in some rare cases, certain lucky dogs DO see the full color spectrum!

    • Avatar Of Lynn



      My Yorkie just proved today she sees color. I was amazed. The color was PINK! Her favorite toy is a pink pig. She took it into a different room and left it there. While sitting in a room where her toy box resides, which is piled high with a variety of toys, I said where is your piggy? Not remembering she took it elsewhere, she immediately looked at her toy box. She spotted a pink tail of her white possum sticking out from amongst the toys and because it was pink, she went to grab it, but the scent wasn’t the same, so she didn’t take it out. I was shocked because she has no other pink toys but the pig, and while the possum is white, she identified the pink tail, thinking it was the pig because of its color. She couldn’t see the whole possum only its tail because all the other toys were on top of it. Brilliant dog!! I said your pig is in the mommy’s room. She left and found her pig and brought it to me.

  3. Avatar Of Tawny



    Dogs can see yellow. Green and orange appear yellowish, purple looks like blue. Not an accurate article at all.

  4. Avatar Of Rob



    If dogs followed politics, they would be seeing a lot of red right about now.

  5. Avatar Of Shell



    My dog can and does see a flat floppy red toy in tall green grass. We stand at the back door and i say,” go get your toy” and he scans then runs and gets it. So i think their brains might not need a bunch of cones to see color. I will test this soon with the same toy in different colors and with color flash cards. Bc i know my dog couldnt be the only exceptional dog in the world. How could human know, they just started realizing things example grapes are bad for dogs after trainers been feeding them for years.
    Its a case of flat world vs round world.

  6. Avatar Of Krzysiek



    Because you move it.
    You were told to discontinue because dog can get crazy because of it. You can read more about this problem in this book:

  7. Avatar Of Patricia Wilson

    Patricia Wilson


    I don’t understand then why does my dog go crazy and love the laser toy that we have been instructed to discontinue. Thank You

  8. Avatar Of Suewoodard



    I take Dottie our Jack Russel to the beach to play ball. She would always loose the irange ball in the sand. When I got a blue one…she could find it better.

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