Unlikely Dog and Goat Duo Gets Adopted By The Same Owner

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An inseparable American Bulldog and goat have finally been adopted together by the same owner, according to the Wake County Animal Shelter on Wednesday, March 29.

The unlikely duo left the Wake County Animal Shelter in North Carolina to go to their new home last weekend, according to ABC11.

And the odd couple, Felix the dog and Cinnamon the goat, are now living their lives together furever in a local Johnston County Farm.

On March 29, according to Wake County’s latest press release, “The Wake County Animal Center had reached out to a long-time national rescue partner and a local foster family they’d previously worked with.”

The shelter’s rescue partner, Mr. Mo Project, saves senior dogs nationwide. And while Felix is not a senior dog, Chris and Mariesa Hughes of the Mr. Mo Project found the perfect home for the inseparable duo.

Felix and Cinnamon’s new home is a foster family in North Carolina that Chris and Mariesa have been working for almost 10 years. The Wake Count Animal Center has also worked with the foster family in the past, so everything worked out perfectly.

Jacqui Bankes, the new owner, expressed how blessed and thankful she is to be able to foster Felix and Cinnamon.

“As their forever foster, we are excited to keep them together and also integrate them with our other goats and dogs, after appropriate testing and quarantine. Thank you to Wake County and Mr. Mo Project for making this possible for us,” said Jacqui Bankes.

According to Wake County’s earlier press release, the duo’s story started when their owner became unable to care for them any longer. So, on March 13, Felix and Cinnamon were brought by the City of Raleigh Animal Control to Wake County Animal Center for temporary housing.

It became clear to staff members at the animal shelter that Felix and Cinnamon have a unique yet special bond as they watched the duo do everything together – eat, sleep and play.

And after observing the pair, the Wake County Animal Shelter decided they should be adopted together.

The Friends of Wake County Animal Center post on Facebook about the duo, which quickly became viral, said, “We have a VERY unique situation and we need your help to find a RESCUE who can take this bonded pair and find them the perfect home.”

After the post became viral and the duo finally got adopted, Wake County Animal Center Director Dr. Jennifer Federico expressed her gratitude for the support saying, “This was possible due to all the continuous efforts of our staff, volunteers and community. This unbelievable duo will live together and enjoy their friendship.”

While Felix and Cinnamon finally found their furever home, there are still many furry friends at Wake County Animal Center still waiting for their happily every after. And if you’re looking for a new companion, you can reach out to the Wake County Animal Center on Facebook to adopt a dog.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Maria Ahlsen

    Maria Ahlsen


    I had a goat and a poodle who were best friends. They were walked together without a leash. This was back in the early 70s when I was just a child. I have an old photo of my mom walking with them. To me, animals having friends of another species was never odd.

    In college, I had a rabbit, cat and 2 dogs. They would have the run of the house when I was home. When I was in class, the cat and bunny went to their bedroom (and shared litter boxes) and the dogs had the rest of the house.

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