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Dog Bite Liability Protection

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Today’s dog owners face many legal challenges covering their responsibility for the behavior of their dog. Dog bite liability protection has become a major issue all dog owners need to be aware of and take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their dogs. It has been stated that dogs bite roughly 5 million people in America each year, so these tips for dog bite liability protection will give you vital information and the steps to protect you and your family pet.

Our first tip for reducing dog bite liability protection concerns is to have your dogs spayed or neutered. Many say this will cause a dog to gain weight, but this is false if you provide your dog with a good diet and regular exercise. We have owned a dozen or so dogs, all “fixed”, and none ever had a weight problem. Dogs that have been “fixed” are more docile and less prone to bite.

Socialization of your dog will go a long way in preventing him or her biting people. Training classes are a wonderful way to begin the socialization of your dog. The dog will be exposed to many other breeds of dogs as well as their owners. This begins the socialization process teaching the dog they need not be afraid of other dog’s not unfamiliar people thus reducing the chances of unwanted biting episodes.

All dog owners should train their dog never to chase after strangers and especially children. This also must include other dogs they may encounter. There are some breeds that have a natural instinct to chase and extra care should be taken with these breeds.

When you allow your dog outside never do so if the dog is not contained with a good fenced in area of the yard. Using an invisible fence is another option but this method does not keep other dogs, children or people from crossing over the electronic barrier. A chain link fence is best and keep the gates and fencing in good condition so the dog cannot get over, under or through the fence.

If there is an indication your dog will react aggressively in a social setting such as walks in the park, being around crowds of people, and other social events do the right thing and leave your dog at home.

Be certain your dog has all the required vaccinations required and keep proof of these records in the event a biting occurs. This is vital information for medical personnel and can reduce the consequences of a legal proceeding brought against you as well as possibly save the life of the dog.

Common sense is your best protection concerning dog bite liability protection so act responsibly when training, socializing, and raising your dog.

Have you had to deal with a biting dog? Please leave your thoughts below.

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1 Comment

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