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Dog Constantly Getting Loose?

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Some dogs just have a knack for finding a way over, under, and through fences meant to keep them safely confined in the yard. Then there are the opportunist dogs that are just waiting for the front door to open so they can dash through and get a taste of freedom. I know both types of dog well because I have owed them in the past and own one now. A dog constantly getting loose is a real pain and a cause for concern. The dog can be hit by a vehicle, run off and not find their way home, become the prey of larger animals, or be picked up by someone who will keep the dog.

For those dogs being kept outside, a good fenced in pen large enough for the dog to freely move about is a good choice. Always place the fencing on a concrete pad so the dog cannot dig under the fence. A gate with a secure latch is a must, as well as a roof over the run so the dog cannot leap out. A quick search online will bring up many different sizes of dog enclosure for outside use. You are sure to find one perfect for your breed of dog along with a proper dog house.

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1 Comment

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