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Dog Found Abandoned In A Crate Outside A Shelter During Pittsburgh Heat Wave

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An animal shelter in Pittsburgh finds a dog abandoned in a crate, just outside their doors, during the heat wave on Tuesday, June 18.

The animal shelter, White Oak Animal Safe Haven, said the dog was abandoned in front of their shelter around midnight. They added that the poor girl was found by one of their staff in the morning, when coming in to care for their pets.

“Why does anyone think this is acceptable? It’s hot. It’s humid. This is incredibly dangerous and cowardice,” the animal shelter wrote.

As the number of animal shelters reaching maximum capacity in the country rises, White Oak Animal Safe Haven rightfully aired their grievances regarding the situation.

The animal shelter revealed that all eight of their kennels are filled and the shelter is at max capacity for dogs.

They wrote, “Where are we supposed to put her? How is she supposed to fit in this building? When are shelter employees going to stop being responsible for pets whose owners who abandon her in the middle of the night?”

“It’s not acceptable to say “well at least they tried to do the right thing…” when now the rescue workers and the other dogs in the shelter’s care are negatively impacted by overcrowding. There’s no excuse.”

The animal shelter also condemns the dog’s previous owner and anyone trying to abandon their dog in front of animal shelters.

“You are not entitled to the time of rescue workers or the space that belongs to other dogs in need of rescue. Your dog deserved better. The other dogs who will feel the stress of another dog crammed into an overcrowded area deserve better,” they wrote.

They also added, “When you take on an animal, you are responsible for the animal. No one else. When you need to seek an avenue of rehoming or sheltering, you need to be patient, respectful, and supportive of the process.”

The animal shelter asked the public for help in identifying the dog’s previous owners. And not a day after, the shelter provided an update saying, “The owners have been identified and this is now in the hands of proper officials.”

White Oak Animal Safe Haven thanked everyone who helped them identify the dog’s owners saying, “Speaking up saves lives.”

Currently, the dog is not up for adoption. The animal shelter shares that they have to get her checked and spayed first.

“We do not know anything about her to determine a best home for her.”

While the dog isn’t up for adoption, White Oak Animal Safe Haven has a lot of dogs and other pets in need and are ready to go to a forever home.

If you wish to adopt a dog from White Oak Animal Safe Haven or would like to provide them with some financial assistance, you can do check out these important links here.

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1 Comment

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    Joseph Patrick Piccirilli


    Please dont return this gentle sweet pet to her former owners!!!

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