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Dog Found Dumped in Tulsa Field with Legs Tied, Ears Glued, Burned by Chemicals and Shot with BB Gun

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Rescuers from the Humane Society of Tulsa were horrified to find a dog dumped in a Creek County, Oklahoma field after suffering unimaginable abuse. Now, they’re hoping the public can help find those responsible.

Image via Humane Society of Tulsa/Facebook

A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person responsible for horrific acts of violence before dumping a dog in an Oklahoma field.

Humane Society of Tulsa explained what they found when police alerted them to the abandoned dog:

Not only was he dumped in a field with his back legs STRAPPED together, GLUE (yes glue) had been poured into his ears and then fast food wrappers had been shoved into the ears and stuck into the glue. One ear canal is so bad it looks like he will need surgery... Some type of chemical had been dumped on his face/ears and it appears his ears have been partially burned or cut off... As if this wasn’t bad enough, his x-rays showed a BB lodged inside of him, so he’d been shot at with a BB gun too.

Rescuers named the sweet, kind-hearted boy Atlas and brought him immediately to VCA Woodland Central Animal Hospital for treatment and to determine the extent of his injuries.

“From the moment we met him, he wasn’t mean, vicious or protectively aggressive. He just wanted help and warmed up to us as he realized we were there to help.”

Atlas is, understandably, apprehensive of strangers, but is quickly learning to enjoy the kindness and love from rescuers and veterinary staff. After only 24 hours of care, he’s already shown amazing resilience.

While his recovery could take weeks or months, Atlas appears to have beat the odds and survived the abuses he suffered. Now, rescuers and police are searching for the person or persons responsible, and hope that sharing his story and offering a large reward will encourage someone to step forward.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Creek County Sheriff’s Office at 918-224-4964.

Someone knows something. Please PAW it forward.

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  1. Avatar Of Sofia



    I hope the monster who committed this atrocity, when found, gets penalized not only to the extent of the law but, create a “new law” to further criminalize for the justice of all abused animals.

  2. Avatar Of M.r. Sumal

    M.R. Sumal


    It looks like another serial killer in the making. The Judge had better take this one very seriously.This is a psychopath. Take heed!

  3. Avatar Of Terry Moore

    Terry Moore


    I can’t wait to get the name of the person who did this!

  4. Avatar Of Merry Foss Merry Foss says:

    Excited for the REWARD !!! Someobe will be sorely tempted to rat on the perpetrator. Whooppee . Let’s hope for that

    • Avatar Of Rustico



      Thank you so much for helping this sweet boy.
      And hope the scum bag who did this atrocity is found and pay the price.
      Atlas sweet boy I hope you’ll recover very soon and be happy with some good family that will love you much!!!

  5. Avatar Of Shirley Adams

    Shirley Adams


    I consider on the same level as pedophiles. That is horrible.

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