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Dog Found Trapped Inside Hot U-Haul While Owners Went To The Beach

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Police in Florida finds and rescues a dog trapped inside a hot U-Haul truck after its owners left it to go to the beach on Sunday, June 02.

New Smyrna Police Department officers responded to the scene at the New Smyrna Beach on Sunday afternoon after a passerby noticed the dog in the car.

The New Smyrna Police Department wrote a statement on Facebook saying, “The windows were cracked only slightly, and no water was left inside for the dog.”

The Police Department reveals that at the time of rescue, the dog has been in the car for nearly an hour.

They also revealed that the temperature outside was 86 degrees, “meaning the temperature inside the vehicle was likely 100 degrees or more.”

In the body camera video released by the Police Department, the dog can be heard panting before an officer gave it water to drink through the cracked window.

A police officer can be heard saying, “I can reach in there, she’s pretty sweet.” While another officer chimed in saying, “You like us, huh?”

Thankfully, officers with the New Smyrna Police Department were able to safely rescue the dog from the vehicle and transported the dog to the Southeast Volusia Humane Society.

Police spokesperson Ava Tanner, through USA Today, discloses that charging affidavits were sent to the Volusia County State Attorney’s Office for both owners, a 27-year-old and 28-year-old from Orlando.

Tanner reveals that both owners will face the following first-degree misdemeanor charge: confinement of animals without sufficient food, water, or exercise;  abandonment of animals.

“Never leave an animal or a child alone inside a vehicle, even for a short period. It could be deadly,” New Smyrna Beach Police Department reminded the public. “Thank you to the vigilant person who noticed the dog in the car and reported it so we could help.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Juniper



    Anyone that leaves a dog much less even a child in a vehicle to go anywhere I don’t care if it’s a run 7-Eleven for five minutes, you don’t deserve to have the child or the dog.
    Some of these idiots shouldn’t be allowed to adopt animals, or even have children if they don’t know how to take care of them properly. Where is your freaking common sense you morons?

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